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Jan 24, 2019

John Ferguson has been involved in sales for the last 18 years. He started out selling real estate and soon realized that he needed a system for high-ticket items. He spent two years immersing himself in the world of sales and created a system that can be replicated over and over.

In this episode, we talk about who this system is for and how sales are the root of the success of a business. John talks about knowing your audience and your message and why it is important to qualify leads. He gives several sales tips and information about setting up a team and system. He even shares his favorite headset that he has used to close countless sales.

You can find John here:

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Show Notes

  • [01:29] When John first started out, he began investing in real estate. He soon realized that he didn't have the proper system in place for high ticket sales.
  • [02:18] He began a two-year personal development quest. He started learning the ins-and-outs of sales, speaking, network marketing, and high ticket sales over the telephone.
  • [02:37] It's been a phenomenal whirlwind over the last 18 years helping influencers including himself in the business of high ticket sales over the telephone.
  • [03:13] We all know that we have to sell and enroll new clients in our business or we won't make any money.
  • [03:47] John helps people develop a system from marketing to product to sales team that makes sense for them.
  • [04:38] Your sales team needs to match your product in your company. You can't scale without doing this.
  • [05:02] John has helped MLM companies and influencers and coaches in the real estate and fitness industry. He has even helped medical practitioners.
  • [05:35] John service is for the person or business who wants to take their sales to the next level.
  • [06:43] It's easiest to teach people who are new to sales. Then you can start at the beginning.
  • [08:01] Blue Parrot VXi 450 is the headset John recommends.
  • [10:38] Know your message, and know your audience are the next two steps. You also want to qualify the lead coming into your system.
  • [11:20] You have to establish rules in order to have long-term success.
  • [11:36] You'll have to ask broad-based, intermediate, and pointed questions to know if this prospect is qualified.
  • [12:05] The sales process comes after the lead is qualified.
  • [12:23] A setup call can create an opportunity for the closer to make the deal.
  • [14:28] The pros of being your own sales closer is that you don't have to share the revenue. It can look odd to be the presenter and the closer.
  • [16:48] You actually want to get the customer to chase you.
  • [17:15] Having a sales team creates dedicated people focusing on sales, and you can focus on other things that are more important.
  • [18:52] Design your script in a way that speaks to the audience, but make sure you have specific points engineered in.
  • [19:42] You should have a script on every single call. Every single call is the same and different. Same sales and different person.
  • [20:25] Help people get out of the way to get the services they need. You can connect with their personality type.
  • [21:28] Great sales people find ways to eliminate objections before they are.
  • [22:06] Ask the right questions in the right order to enroll people.
  • [24:01] Turn objections into expectations.
  • [25:08] To get your sales people motivated by sales, they need to earn commissions.
  • [28:49] You can follow John on Instagram and Facebook.

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Jan 17, 2019

This episode is turned upside down as Brian K. Wright from Success Profiles interviews Loral. Loral shares the industries that first made her a millionaire and how she is excited for today’s new opportunities like cannabis and crypto.

Loral talks about the importance of marketing your books and what it takes to become a bestselling author. She also gives us a quick glimpse into her upcoming book. Loral talks about mindset, understanding money, and having the right team in place.

You can find Justin here:

Ask Loral

Show Notes

  • [03:49] Loral is a five-time New York Times bestselling author. Her new book The Green Rush Millionaires will be coming out next year.
  • [04:17] She is heavily into the cannabis, CBD oil, and health space. She first became a millionaire in the gas and oil and real estate spaces.
  • [04:31] Getting a job and just saving will only keep you small and stuck.
  • [04:46] Companies make money and individuals get taxed. If you're serious about keeping your money, get Incorporated.
  • [05:37] Her cannabis business has 23 acres in Cathedral City and 32 acres in Hawthorne Nevada. They have nine licenses and are putting green houses up right now.
  • [06:10] These are exciting times to be alive, get wealthy, and a write books about it.
  • [06:39] Debt for wealthy people is one of the biggest tools we use. Debt is just the cost of money.
  • [07:22] Most people don't know how to invest. Why would you pay off debt when it is cheap. Instead of being scared about money get educated about it.
  • [08:11] People are scared of money because they don't understand it.
  • [09:14] Take some time and play the Millionaire Maker game and learn to understand money. Understand how it can work for you and be a massive benefit in your life.
  • [09:53] The goal to win the game is to become a millionaire.
  • [10:24] On page 194 of The Millionaire Maker book Loral talks about how to handle debt.
  • [10:38] Transition your debt from personal debt to company debt. Use zero interest credit cards. If you can get cheap money, then why pay it off?
  • [12:01] Focus on how to make more money.
  • [12:46] For an author to become a best-seller you have to stage and organize sales, so you can presell your book.
  • [14:00] Loral uses people's input to generate chapters. This encourages them to buy.
  • [15:06] Loral has a launch calendar to nail a bestseller. You have to as involved in the launch and the post launch process. Have a goal in mind.
  • [16:38] Get with someone who knows the process. Involve other people in the content.
  • [17:12] A book is a great brochure.
  • [17:27] You need a team. An accountant that knows marketing.
  • [19:34] Everybody's an author and everybody should have a book. Have a post-launch plan to recover the time you spend on the book and the book launch.
  • [20:08]  Ask, tell, ask. Come up with some different ideas. Write your book collaboratively. Find out what people want to know. Get input from a focus group.
  • [21:50] The faster you talk and are interviewed the more information you get down. You should use a ghost editor that can grammatically sort out what you say and talk your book out.
  • [24:32] Share content and help other people. Don't wait for the perfect book.
  • [26:40] Use CreateSpace and learn how to market yourself.
  • [27:49] Having a high profile VA that could work with you in your office for awhile would be great.
  • [28:53] You need to be a month out and get ahead of yourself. You need to organize yourself to use them right.
  • [29:40] Grow coaching to invest in real estate. Partner with someone who has already done it.
  • [30:25] Get a sales team to help you sell. Partner with people on real estate.
  • [31:53] A business structure forms a book.

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Jan 10, 2019

We are kicking off 2019 with financial predictions. Will be talking about the stock market, real estate, cannabis, and more. Today, we are talking about cryptocurrency, digital currency, and blockchain. I have two recent partners and world leading experts here today to talk everything crypto, blockchain, and digital currency.

David has a background in blockchain and Musicoin development and Walt has a trading background. Together they talk about what the future has in store for these technologies. They give some tips on learning about investments. They talk about regulation issues and how congress is struggling with new technology and old laws. They also talk about how impactful these technologies will become.

You can find Walt and David here:

Ask Loral

Show Notes

  • [01:57] David started working at home on web development and then really started digging into blockchain in 2013.
  • [02:59] Blockchain technology is going to have a huge impact. He first started working on Musicoin and then another music technology before he met up with Walt.
  • [03:54] David loves the process of building stuff through blockchain and making it work.
  • [04:05] Walt started out trading bitcoin and crypto currencies.
  • [04:42] He started looking into blockchain and brought David into his team.
  • [05:07] They have an amazing way to use an altcoin.
  • [05:34] Blockchain will create the biggest distribution of wealth that the world has probably ever seen.
  • [06:14] More wealth has been moved through bitcoin than any other wealth movement time in our history.
  • [07:02] Coinbase is the largest crypto wallet in the world. They are gaining over a million users a day.
  • [08:56] In the last six months, the price of Bitcoin has started to stabilize.
  • [09:38] Giant transactions happen in the OTC world.
  • [10:43] A lot of private sellers have their coins in cold storage wallets.
  • [11:19] When the market flips it's going to be very difficult to buy cryptocurrencies.
  • [11:42] There is a one-week hold before you can transfer your currency if you are investing through Coinbase.
  • [12:13] Investing in crypto can be a long-term play. That's how the big investors are looking at it.
  • [13:35] Smart folks are working on infrastructure and development during the bear markets.
  • [14:24] January 3rd 2009 the first block was mined on bitcoin.
  • [15:12] Blockchain technology is what is underneath Bitcoin, so the two do go hand-in-hand.
  • [15:48] Industries like banking and payments are getting majorly disrupted right now. Especially in third world countries and places where banking is more difficult.
  • [16:12] Other sectors that are using this technology include voting, healthcare, music, and many more.
  • [16:50] Blockchain opens up technology for entrepreneurs like the world has never seen.
  • [17:13] Almost every entrepreneur and startup is moving towards blockchain technology.
  • [18:02] Companies like IBM are building their own blockchain. Amazon is working on something. Overstock has their own version.
  • [18:36] Investors are interested in anything that is tied to blockchain.
  • [19:49] The smartest and most acting development isn't happening in Bitcoin.
  • [20:35] Altcoins are usually traded against Bitcoin, but there are many many different types of coins.
  • [22:24] When investing in altcoins it's very important to take a look at the project.
  • [23:41] Developed projects that you can actually see may be safer bets.
  • [24:09] There are already specialized blockchain lawyers available. There is some red tape to go through on the development side.
  • [25:12] There's going to be a four-week webinar series with a Q&A. Go to Ask Loral to find out more.
  • [26:08] The SEC is very involved with crypto. The regulatory agencies are trying to take this new paradigm and pull it back with laws established in the thirties and the forties. There are no easy answers. The debate is going on in Congress right now.
  • [27:41] The ICO approach is beginning to get controlled. Especially as it applies to crowdfunding.
  • [28:28] If your token doesn't have a wide use case then you probably shouldn't build it.
  • [29:03] The future of development is going to be investors wanting to see the reality of what you are building.
  • [31:35] If Congress doesn't do the right thing and not over-regulate that will be good, because we don't want to push Innovation overseas.

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Jan 3, 2019

I have an old friend on the show today. Joel Comm has been a staple in the digital space for a long time. He is the author of 15 books and the co-host of the mega successful Bad Crypto podcast. He is here today to talk about the future of crypto and more.

We discuss how things have evolved in the digital marketing space and Joel’s own evolution including the creation of his crypto podcast. We talk about the benefits of blockchain as a technology that will revolutionize the future. We talk about the importance of getting in on the ground floor of new markets and the importance of always having fun.

You can find Joel here:

Ask Loral
Bad Crypto Podcast
Fun Formula Book

Show Notes

  • [01:49] Joel Comm has been an internet entrepreneur since 1995.
  • [02:11] He has since written 15 books. He has worked in the online marketing space and the affiliate marketing space and the social media space. He has also embraced all forms of online media from blogging to podcasting to videos.
  • [02:24] In 2017, he started dabbling in crypto currency and was absolutely enthralled.
  • [02:39] Joel and his friend Travis Wright would talk about bitcoin and blockchain and everything crypto. They then decided to start a show about it and the Bad Crypto Podcast was created.
  • [02:41] The purpose of the show was to make crypto easy-to-understand for regular people.
  • [02:59] They started in July of 2017 and have had over 7 million downloads.
  • [03:35] You don't do the books and the speaking tours until you've had the success.
  • [03:44] Joel began his digital career trading websites that sold things. One he cracked the code on affiliate marketing and advertising, he started teaching others how to do it.
  • [04:26] He wrote about and spoke about how he was making money.
  • [05:23] We now know that social media companies don't have our best interest at heart and we are actually the product.
  • [05:51] Blockchain is a great solution because it brings transparency back to various activities. It creates a public ledger of activity, but privacy is woven into it.
  • [06:23] Blockchain is either going to lead to new solutions and more freedom and opportunity for us or we're facing a really dystopian Big Brother future.
  • [07:38] Blockchain is really just a fancy database. Blockchain is decentralized, because no one power or authority has power over it.
  • [08:44] Solutions built on blockchain give people the power to invest in projects in a way that they would like.
  • [09:44] In March 2017, Joel started learning about crypto. He and Travis were talking about crypto a lot. 3 months later they started their show.
  • [11:00] Part of it was timing and two regular guys talking about crypto.
  • [12:13] Bitcoin is merely a better form of digital payment. There are many different types of coins and tokens. With ethereum we have the ability to go beyond just payments. We can write smart contracts.
  • [13:06] There are even tokens that empower musicians to be paid more fairly for online downloads.
  • [14:42] Crypto is kind of circa 1997 where the internet was.
  • [16:11] They do four shows a week and two or three are usually interviews. They never make recommendations.
  • [19:44] Joel's fifteenth book is the The Fun Formula: How Curiosity, Risk-Taking, and Serendipity Can Revolutionize How You Work.
  • [20:47] The fun formula helps liberate people from the hustle and grind.

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