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Sep 17, 2020

As a general rule, those who typically become successful entrepreneurs are the people who come up with unique solutions to problems or challenges. This rule has continued to be proven true, again and again, in the technology space, especially as the world becomes more accustomed to the “here and now” provided by the increasing ease and portability of devices.

Along with the innovation model, technology has enabled the “fast cash” model to start popping up in completely new ways. As a result, a completely new wave of start-ups have appeared that allow all of us to make money on the side with our spare cash, our extra space, or our vehicles when we’re not

In this episode, Loral is talking about the Fast Cash Model.  Adam and Thomas share their wisdom as well.  We talk about ways for kids and adults to make fast cash.  We also talk about great ways to start making fast cash now and finish 2020 strong. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:57] What in your ask-tell-ask is right there and really quick. 
  • [03:59] Fast cash is if you needed money by tonight. We need to have an urgency to cash.
  • [04:04] If you keep telling yourself you don’t have enough to save them you will never have enough to start saving for retirement. 
  • [06:19] Right around your community you could get fast cash. It is just trading time.  
  • [07:05] Another place to earn fast cash is online.  
  • [07:52] Often we avoid the initial sale because we want more money for the work.  It is a database building.  
  • [09:59] Daily we are giving our stuff for free when someone would gladly pay for it.  
  • [11:15] Listen to what people are saying. That is their problem.  People will always pay money to fix their problems.  
  • [11:28] Consolidated information into a new bundle and selling it is brilliant and saves people tons of time.  People don’t have the time to find the information so they will pay you for it.                               
  • [14:01] Twenty dollars doesn’t sound like much, but when you get ten or twenty people purchasing your product or service it really adds up.  20 dollars is nothing for people, but if you get $400 that changes everything. 
  • [16:11] There is a value to paying.  The exchange of money creates the value.  
  • [19:09] You're not starting with your big ticket item. It is like the end cap item at the grocery store to get the conversation started. 
  • [21:22] Think about what your skill is and what you do everyday.  
  • [23:52] When you're making fast cash it doesn’t necessarily have to be within your wheelhouse even. 
  • [25:37] Adam shares a story about a guy that wanted to bring goodness to other people. 
  • [28:13] He shares about how the guy had one million dollars in his bank account one week after filing bankruptcy. 
  • [29:41] If you don’t have something to sell then be an affiliate.  
  • [31:51] Inside your own dialogue you need to create the urgency to make money.   
  • [33:01] We need to get out of the make it, spend it pattern and get into the make it, invest it pattern.  
  • [36:35] Most of us don’t know what to look for because we have never looked at a deal before.     
  • [37:10] Take this time to look at deals from an educational standpoint.  
  • [38:26] You can do a lot of things to get your cash away from your spending habits.  
  • [40:36] Check out the upcoming tables.  
  • [43:01] The Virtual Meetup and Marketplace and Graduate Marketplace are coming up soon. 
  • [45:15] The goal is for you to learn all these things so you are not strapped to a desk and someone else giving you a paycheck.  
  • [47:47] Ask the question why because that why becomes an opportunity.  
  • [49:31] We are heading to the finish line and there is a lot to do.  

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Sep 10, 2020

We have a number of guests with us today. We have several of our top finishers from the Virtual Meetup and Marketplace in August, but we also have a very special guest, Joe Hamel. Joe Hamel is the president and founder of Hamel Advisory Services. 

Many people have heard of self-directed IRAs but they don’t have them in place. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money to start.  Just put in $50 and get it going.  Once you start making money you need a place for the new money to go. There needs to be a place to put it away so you don’t spend it right after you make it.  

In this episode, Joe shares the kind of qualified plans you can open. He talks about the differences between a traditional and Roth IRA. Then we finish the episode with Erin and Deborah sharing their success and top takeaways from the Virtual Meetup and Marketplace. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:54] It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money to put in a self-directed IRA.  Start with $50 to get it going and so you have a place for the new money to go.  
  • [03:19] A lot of people are waiting for some magical moment and that isn’t going to happen because you keep spending your Monday.  
  • [04:04] If you keep telling yourself you don’t have enough to save them you will never have enough to start saving for retirement. 
  • [04:17] An IRA is your own individual retirement account.  
  • [05:00] Joe suggests having an IRA that is completely removed and not connected to your checking account.  It is important to start even if it is small amounts. 
  • [07:54] When you set up a self-directed IRA you can inject capital through the form of contributions or the form of a rollover from a former or existing IRA. 
  • [08:21] Depending on your age, the contribution limits do change. Right now $6,000 is the maximum contribution each year, but there are no minimums.  
  • [08:55] The biggest difference between the Roth and traditional IRA is the taxation on those accounts.  
  • [09:13] The traditional IRA is an account that has not been taxed on the front end.
  • [10:50] You can always remove money, but there is an early distribution penalty prior to 59 ½ years. 
  • [11:33] If you have not taken any distributions at the age of 70 ½ the IRS will require you to start taking at least the minimum distributions.  Once you are 70 ½ you can no longer make contributions to a traditional IRA either. 
  • [13:42] On the Roth IRA you are going to pay taxes on the initial contributions during the first five years.  
  • [14:54] The early distribution penalty applies to both traditional and Roth prior to age 59 ½. 
  • [15:55] With the Roth IRA you are paying taxes upfront on the initial amount. With the traditional IRA, you pay taxes at the end. 
  • [16:44] With the Roth IRA there is no 70 ½ requirement.  
  • [17:44] The biggest difference between the Roth and the traditional IRA is the amount of taxes.
  • [20:02] If you are no longer employed that money can be moved out of a qualified 401K account into a qualified self-directed vehicle of your choosing. 
  • [22:01] The first step is just to take action and open the IRA account that is right for you. 
  • [23:27] Roth IRA is a great vehicle because there are not taxes as long as you make your contributions and adhere to the IRS rules.  
  • [24:44] You want to make sure you keep your retirement money in a retirement account and don’t use it for quick fixes.  
  • [26:34] Solo K is a great self-employed plan. It is created for a small business owner. It functions just like a 401K would work for a major employer.  
  • [28:15] The Solo K allows you to make contributions to both the traditional and the Roth. It also has the ability to take out a loan.
  • [30:39] Instead of paying your children allowances you can make contributions into their Roth IRA. It is a great way to give your kids a jumpstart.
  • [31:51] A flip account is a great way to save cash instead of a savings account.
  • [34:38] Joe’s company holds everything in house as a custodian. 
  • [36:11] They are one of the only custodians out there that are willing and able to accept some of the new and emerging asset classes. 
  • [38:47] We have to complete the tasks on our checklist to actually see results.
  • [40:27] We are going back to our Virtual Meetup and Marketplace for the rest of the episode. New options to join the Virtual Meetup and Marketplace or the Graduate Marketplace this month and in the coming months. 
  • [43:01] Megan won the last Virtual Meetup and Marketplace. She made over $8600. We will be featuring Megan at another time. 
  • [43:41] Erin was in second place and Deborah was right behind her in third place by only $20.
  • [44:03] Erin sold $941 of her summit and her life coaching. Erin learned about marketing, the pitch, tax structures, investments, and how to grow her business.  
  • [45:59] Prior to the Virtual Meetup and Marketplace, Erin was doing everything incorrectly and now her mindset has completely changed.
  • [46:17] Deborah sold name drawings and logos and made over $800 and really built her momentum.
  • [47:57] Erin learned to start selling now and not wait. 
  • [48:30] Deborah learned that she had a lot of avenues already at her fingertips.
  • [49:23] The obvious is right in front of you.  You just haven’t decided to monetize it.
  • [50:58] Erin’s motto is “first the courage, then the confidence.” Have the courage to put yourself out there so you build up that confidence. 
  • [51:49] Put yourself out there and stay the course.  
  • [54:35] The two calls of action are to get a call with Joe and then get signed up for the Virtual Meetup and Marketplace or the Graduate Marketplace.

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Sep 3, 2020

On today’s episode, I am joined by Eileen E. Galbraith also known as the Credit Gal.  We are going to talk about your credit, business funding, and ways to fix your finances right away.

Eileen E. Galbraith is your Savvy Credit Business Woman, aka The Credit Gal. She works with individuals and small business owners, specifically with those who are seeking to grow their business. Entrepreneurs hire her to maximize their capital because most are turning over couch cushions to invest in their business, putting their families, credit, and growth at risk. So, she positions them to get the money they need, protect their assets, and leverage their genius. 

In this episode, we start out talking about personal credit because it is the foundation.  We talk about optimizing your own personal credit to build your business credit.  Eileen talks about beginning steps to make your business official so you can become a fundable and creditable business.  

Show Notes:

  • [00:58] Eileen E. Galbraith is your Savvy Credit Business Woman, aka The Credit Gal.
  • [01:27] The very first thing you want to do is get a copy of your personal credit report and continue to get your credit report every year. 78% of credit reports are wrong.   
  • [02:01] Your credit follows you everywhere.  
  • [03:39] You want to make sure your personal data is correct and optimize these areas. 
  • [04:02] After you verify your personal information you then need to check all your accounts are reporting properly. 
  • [04:58] Once we have maximized your credit report, we look at if there are any ways to optimize your credit score. 
  • [05:59] Your FICO credit score goes from 300 to 850. 
  • [06:22] You want to make sure your business is fundable and creditable.  You also need to be incorporated around your EIN. 
  • [07:28] Then open your business checking account using your business documentation and EIN right away. 
  • [07:52] The underwriting guidelines say your business opened the day you opened your business checking account.    
  • [10:12] 35% of your FICO score is how you pay your bills.  
  • [10:55] Your goal should be to use less than 20% of the credit you have available. 
  • [11:57] There is only one determining factor for business credit and that is how you pay your bills.  
  • [12:50] You want to have a D-U-N-S number for your business.  
  • [15:04] The beauty of business credit is that you can get the business credit lines and credit cards without personally guaranteeing them.  If someone comes to sue your business they can’t come after you on a personal side.  
  • [16:58] Eileen recommends three to six months of reserves in your personal and business world.  
  • [18:12] The more address you have listed on your credit report the harder it is for the underwriting to get your qualified.  The goal is to have two addresses. 
  • [19:04] Your bank account should be set up in the name of your corporation.
  • [20:36] Many use a personal credit card in the beginning before they transfer that to a business credit card and that can be used to verify funds. 
  • [22:27] You can dispute anything that is inaccurate, misleading, or erroneous on your credit report.  There is a process to follow to dispute something. 
  • [24:13] It does take time to reverse errors on your credit report.  Prior to COVID dispute letters had to be responded to within 30 days. Since COVID they have a 45-day window to respond back. 
  • [26:37] When you join a network marketing company you want to start an entity as soon as you can. You also want to set up the business checking account and all the commissions should go into this account.  Any expenses should go through that same account.
  • [28:04] You can text or call Eileen to book a free 30-minute consult at (610) 609-1526 or
  • [28:55] Entrepreneurs don’t realize how important it is to establish their business in the name of their business and how much it can benefit them. It is something you want to start now instead of later because it is going to give you so many more options to grow your business.  

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Aug 20, 2020

Every week we interview world leaders in different categories and in this episode we are talking about one of my favorites… cannabis.  We are going to talk about what’s beyond the mainstream.  Mainstream knows a lot about cannabis not only from a use standpoint but also from a financial standpoint. Cannabis is going to become one of the greatest asset classes many countries have ever seen.  

Joseph is joining me in this conversation.  He has been in the industry since he was a teenager.  He is currently leading a huge project in Hawthorne, Nevada.  

In this episode, we talk about the different types of cannabis including the classifications.  We also taught about the medicinal value and numerous medicinal benefits without side effects.  Joseph shares a ton of information that will be beneficial if you are considering adding this as one of your asset classes.  

Show Notes:

  • [01:04] Cannabis is going to become one of the greatest asset classes many countries have ever seen.  
  • [01:49] Since you can’t learn about cannabis in college Joseph attributes his success to his great mentors.  
  • [03:16] Joseph got to where he is today by having great mentors, working with great people, and taking the leap to work for himself.  
  • [04:21] In 2009, he moved to Colorado to grow cannabis with his wife.  He wanted to create his own wealth.  
  • [05:01] Once he learned about the huge medicinal benefits and the relief people received, his perspective switched and his business became all about helping people.  
  • [06:47] The mainstream is not really talking about the medicinal value of cannabis including the ability to use cannabis daily without the side effects.  
  • [07:40] There are over 450 compounds in these plants and they are still constantly learning more.     
  • [09:21] Everything is a hybrid. There are many different varieties. 
  • [10:51] They can grow hemp for fiber or grain or CBD oil.   
  • [11:45] There is an observation classification (narrow-leaf or broad-leaf) and a drug type classification.  
  • [12:58] Everybody is trying to find their place in the industry.  
  • [14:38] Tricrops have fiber, grain, and CBD. 
  • [15:36] The seeds have many uses including food and feed for animals. 
  • [15:52] In World War II we needed rope and people were subsidized to grow hemp for the government so we could go to war.  Then it just vanished.  They changed the law and made it illegal.  
  • [17:41] Cannabis relieves cravings and helps with addiction and withdrawals.  
  • [18:20] Cannabis can replace that desire and addiction and you are functional.  
  • [19:22] Joseph shares how cannabis has helped in his life with addictions and injuries.  
  • [21:38] There is a ton of misinformation about cannabis.  
  • [23:09] He shares about the impact on seizures even in children. Research in Israel is backing this up.  

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Dr. Dedi Meiri - Cannabinoid research in Israel
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Aug 13, 2020

This is another special COVID-19 marketplace awareness broadcast. We are the place to keep you up to date on what is going on in the market. Specifically for entrepreneurs who need to make money in this ever-changing time, come here with any questions you have and we will have or find the answers.  We will continue to bring you amazing experts that share their expertise and perspective on what is going on in the market today.  Today I am joined by Fuquan Bilal.  Fuquan is the founder and CEO of NNG.

Fuquan Bilal founded NNG in 2012 with the principal mission of capitalizing on the growing supply of mortgage notes in the interbank marketplace. Mr. Bilal utilizes his 20 years of residential and commercial real estate success to identify real estate opportunities and capitalize on them. To date, he has successfully managed three private mortgage note funds that primarily invest in single-family performing and non-performing mortgage notes. His financial acumen and proprietary set of investment criteria enable him to purchase under-performing real estate assets at a deep discount of face and market values, thereby increasing the value of the assets. This, coupled with his ability to maximize the use of leverage, enables him to build strong, secured portfolios with solid passive income flows. Fuquan effectively hedges investors' risk by spreading their investment across a portfolio of alternative assets that diversify and stabilize the fund's return and valuation.

In this episode, we talk about many different opportunities for making money in the current real estate market.  Fuquan shares about the trends and changes he is seeing in the real estate market. He also shares his out of the box ways to invest in real estate in the current market.  

Show Notes:

  • [01:13] Fuquan Bilal is the founder and CEO of NNG.
  • [03:12] He took a leap of faith and left his corporate job and got into the house hunting business. 
  • [04:20] He realized the power of real estate. One thing that really resonated with him early on was the power to go back into his community and revitalize communities by fixing up properties.
  • [06:14] He went through a time of struggle because he didn’t have a good foundation. He had multiple streams of income but no cash flow.  When the market crashed, he started to restructure.  
  • [07:43] The real estate investments he has are local where he has developed relationships already. 
  • [09:12] Diversified hybrid real estate investing is having different asset classes in the same fund. He has his capital secured by different types of assets.  
  • [10:32] Once COVID hit the landscape of everything changed.  
  • [11:49] The real estate market is on fire right now.
  • [13:29] He has noticed more New Yorkers moving to other areas and commuting in for work.  
  • [14:38] Many new investors are pivoting to buy a lot and doing new construction since there are not many available properties.  
  • [15:46] Manhattan will likely take a decline but will stand strong.
  • [18:08] If you are participating in some of the programs they have for landlords now you definitely want to read up on the details.  You only want to use the money if you need it. 
  • [19:47] Unfortunately many businesses didn’t make it to the other side. 
  • [21:32] Grab Fuquan’s book, Passion for Real Estate Investment. 
  • [23:02] The note business is the best investment strategy in the universe.  
  • [23:37] Check out the coming Virtual Meetup and Marketplace. It is the teach you to fish model that you will never starve again once you learn our techniques.    

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Aug 6, 2020

This is our special COVID-19 market awareness broadcast. We have been broadcasting since the beginning of this new journey and the new world we are living in.  We have been talking about becoming an entrepreneur and what to do with your real estate and money.   Unfortunately, it is not going to get any easier.  Going back is not going back to the way we know it.  So much has changed.  It is a great time to reset your life and figure out who you want to become.  Raymond Aaron is joining me on the show today.  

Raymond Aaron has committed his life to teaching you how to dramatically improve your life. Raymond transforms your life and income by helping you tap into your own potential. He has traveled the world delivering over 5,000 speeches in 5 continents for over 1/3 of a century teaching his unique methods to brand, doubling your income, and creating wealth. He is the author of 138 books, including Branding Small Business For Dummies, Double Your Income Doing What You Love and the New York Times best-seller Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul and the Canadian best-seller, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. 

In this episode, we talk about many different opportunities for making money in the current market.  We share what we are seeing with real estate. We spend most of the episode talking about the importance of branding and how writing a book can enhance your brand.

Show Notes:

  • [01:42] It is a great time to reset your life and figure out who you want to become. 
  • [03:12] Raymond shares about his journey.  
  • [05:13] He has been teaching real estate, true-life principles, true wealth principles, branding, book writing, and goal writing for 37 years.  
  • [06:56] They pivoted to online events, but they also had a back-up plan. They joined a network marketing plan as their back-up plan.  
  • [07:24] If you are in network marketing right now, you are earning more money than you have ever earned in your life because now people have been buying only online for the last four months.  
  • [09:25] Raymond predicts that retail real estate is going down and won’t recover because people have learned to buy online.  Office real estate is going down because owners are thriving without an office. 
  • [11:09] He recommends getting into the courier business.   
  • [12:43] The pandemic is the only thing that has ever affected the whole world.  
  • [14:01] Every category is open to making money right now.  There is so much to buy right now.
  • [16:01] There are no differences in the Canadian and American markets economically. Canada is different in many other ways.   
  • [18:19] More entrepreneurs can be born out of this time and more wealth will be transferred for those who are paying attention. 
  • [20:59] Whatever you want to start you must be branded first otherwise you are drowning in the sea of sameness.  
  • [21:13] When you are branded by writing a book the world stops and salutes you.
  • [22:29] Writing a book is the easiest way to brand yourself. You don’t make the money by selling the book.  You make the money when the book sells you.  
  • [25:26] The brand determines how much money you earn not your abilities. 
  • [27:26] It is easier to become a #1 best seller on Amazon then the New York Times.  
  • [30:22] There have been so many creative ideas since the pandemic started.   
  • [30:52] Raymond will be teaching about the 31 marketing messages that need to be hidden within your book.  
  • [31:19] It’s the marketing that drives the sales, not the actual quality of the product.  
  • [32:26] Raymond teaches how to get a book launch and have the publisher pay for it.  
  • [34:54] Loral talks about how she misses flying to some of her favorite places in the world. 
  • [36:42] There is a problem when people haven’t walked the walk, but they think they can talk the talk.  You need to walk the path before. 
  • [37:35] Loral’s favorite insight was “that the world has been punched in the face.” 
  • [37:56] You need to land on the right side of this rebalancing of the economy.  You need to be understanding of how to find these deals and what to look for. 
  • [39:29] Right now is a perfect time to be a solution provider and help businesses with what they need.  
  • [43:41] Check out the Virtual Meet Up and Marketplace and the Graduate Marketplace. 

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Jul 23, 2020

Today we are in the most indiscriminate crash in the history of our lives. If you have the will to make money and be ethically through it, you can make money. I am talking about financial empowerment and the steps you need to take so you can take advantage of this indiscriminate market. You need to grab a pen and paper for this episode. I share many practical ideas so you can leave with a plan. 

Today I am sharing a webinar with Raymond Aaron. Raymond is a New York Times Top 10 best selling author. He has been on stage for 37 years helping people write books, increase their credibility and branding, and understand the spiritual universe. 

In this episode, I am talking about financial empowerment and taking action. How do you act, make money, and think the way the wealthy do? I answer this question and talk about practical steps for becoming a millionaire in 3-5 years. I talk about bitcoin, cannabis, hemp, digital currency, and so much more. 

Show Notes:

  • [00:41] Raymond Aaron is a New York Times Top 10 best selling author. 
  • [02:54] Loral has been a multi-millionaire for 20 years and standing.    
  • [04:35] She is talking about ways to make money in three days.  
  • [06:21] Loral was filmed for the movie The Secret and got into the final edit. She is a millionaire maker.  
  • [08:29] Loral has 52 books and five hit the New York Times.  
  • [10:11] Instead of focusing on what you can’t have in the struggles, you focus on what you can have.  
  • [12:54] Loral grew up on a farm in Nebraska. At 17, she received the book Think and Grow Rich and it changed her trajectory.  
  • [14:19] In 1996 she really started studying money. She got a finance degree. She realized that working a traditional job was not for her. 
  • [15:45] You can totally become a millionaire. You just have to do the steps in the right sequence. 
  • [18:09] Some of the things we have been taught and the way we think about money is completely wrong.
  • [20:02] This is your opportunity to change from being an employee to being an entrepreneur.
  • [22:03] Today we are in the most indiscriminate crash in the history of our lives. If you have the will to make money and be ethically through it, you can make money.
  • [23:32] Who am I? Who am I going to be on the other side of this? I have the trajectory to change my entire life.  
  • [25:52] Digital currency is here and you are going to have to engage in it. 
  • [27:27] Big asset classes right now are digital currency, the stock market, businesses, real estate, hemp, and cannabis. 
  • [29:27] First, you are going to keep making money. Get as lean as you can with your personal accounts and assets.  
  • [31:56] Pivot to new cash and get as much as you can. 
  • [34:18] We are taught to go to school and get a job. We put a portion to a retirement structure, where we get taxed to pieces and live off the crumbs. 
  • [36:26] Be an entrepreneur and be the boss!
  • [37:29] You are going to take on good debt to become a millionaire.   
  • [39:21] You have to have decision making, sequencing, and some common sense. Not difficult, but it has to be in the right order. 
  • [41:29] You find places in your community that you can’t imagine living without and you invest in them.  
  • [43:29] Companies make money. Individuals get taxed.
  • [45:20] Colleges are teaching us to be employees. With a CEO mindset, you can look for teammates.
  • [47:41] As an employee, it is a fixed income. As an entrepreneur, you can have an unlimited income.  
  • [49:06] There are so many direct sales businesses all over the world that you can do. 
  • [50:45] Real estate deals are everywhere.  
  • [52:31] Many people make decisions based on their bank balance versus the projected money you can make.    
  • [54:52] All of you have the ability to make money, you just haven’t been taught. You haven’t been taught to ask for money. You man is not your plan for financial freedom.  
  • [56:02] Your own business and database are one of the greatest assets you will ever own. 
  • [59:09] Challenge where you put boundaries around yourself.
  • [60:13] Loral wants us to get to the place where making money and keeping money is just what we do.
  • [62:11] You are going to find your tribe in Loral’s tribe especially as they get to know you and find out what you need and don’t want. 
  • [62:47] Everyone should write a book.  It is your brain on paper and makes you credible. You want your book to be the top of your funnel.   
  • [64:17] She brings a ton of people to the Marketplace because they have to teach you how to make money. It starts with a new business model.  
  • [67:16] Loral loves the residual income that comes from direct sales.  
  • [68:02] Yes energy is when you say yes and you have no idea what to do because then you figure it out. Then it is time to get creative and find resources.  
  • [69:24] We don’t focus on making six figures. We focus on making $500 a day.  
  • [71:14] Business and money are in your life every day. Why are you doing it alone?
  • [73:09] It is not self-driven, it is customer-driven. You don’t control but instead, provide leadership. 
  • [74:36] Making money and investing money is where most people go wrong. Instead of making it and spending it, you should make it and invest it.  
  • [76:32] When you say yes, you start getting creative about who is going to help you. You need to lead more and do less.  

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Jul 16, 2020

Today I have Ezanne with me.  We met 10 years ago in South Africa.  Now she lives in Canada.  She has had an enormous journey of learning and sharing.  She is here to talk about the business side and how her background can help you. 

Ezanne Swanepoel has been primarily working in Africa for the last twenty years.  She was born and grew up in Africa and also engaged in Europe and some Asia countries over the last twenty years.   Ezanne is one of the leading money and empowerment experts helping people strip the blockages and filters that prevent them from unlocking their path to prosperity, fulfillment, and contribution. 

Ezanne shares her different experiences and perspectives from growing up in Africa and living in the United States and Canada.  She teaches people how to make and keep money while making an impact.

Show Notes:

  • [02:18] African children are traditionally named after places, spirits, ancestors, events, or anything occurring during the time of their birth.  They believe a name can influence both the life of a child and family, so choosing a name is done with great care and consideration.  
  • [03:20] Ezanne means the good, righteous mother.    
  • [04:35] She has known that her calling since birth is to help people and businesses to unlock their path to prosperity, fulfillment, and contribution by serving the greater good.  
  • [06:08] There are significant differences in other cultures around money.  In Africa, it is all about collaboration.     
  • [06:57]  Africa is a “we culture,” so when you earn money it is for sharing and uplifting of everyone.  
  • [07:50] People in America have a significantly different relationship with money in general than Africans.  
  • [09:12] Looking at the U.S. and Africa as a whole, they have more enterprise thinking than Canada.  
  • [11:01] When people view things as scarce, they don’t see a possibility to even angle in that avenue.  
  • [11:16] People err on caution when speaking about money. In general, very few people are willing to speak about their financial situation or understanding money.  
  • [13:15] Creating financial wealth is complex.    
  • [15:28] It is important to identify the right people to speak to and then collaborate with in order to sustain wealth creation.  
  • [15:43] Once you learn how to make money and keep it, then you need the right team to support you in sustaining that approach.
  • [16:17] We have to start by shifting the mindset from the why not to the why yes.  This seems easier said than done because people have a lot of programming from their past. 
  • [17:02] The first step in eradicating fear is gaining more control of your situation.  You can’t feel in control if you don’t even understand your situation.  
  • [17:40] You need to start creating more cash in order to get you to that place where you need to go.  Ezanne does research on the wealthiest people in the world. 
  • [19:01] As you become more and more successful, life will definitely give you some curveballs.  
  • [20:17] The first step in collaboration is to be clear on the parties that are involved and why they are involved.   
  • [22:08] In America and Canada there are more decided relationships with a particular intent. 
  • [23:32] Ezanne wants to serve from a North American perspective.  
  • [24:12] She wants to help people on a large scale shift from their financial struggles during COVID.  
  • [24:29] We owe it to ourselves to wake up and step into our authentic selves and to serve with the unique gifts that we came to earth with. 

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Jul 9, 2020

Today I have an amazing new client with us. Her thinking and brains are amazing, Anita just jumps on and starts sharing.  I am so excited to have Anita Vanderhaeghe with me on the podcast today.  

Anita Vanderhaeghe is an Astro-wealth and health coach.  She is a modern sage and expert business mentor that integrates the best of the physical universe strategies with spiritual universe wisdom.  She is bridging the world of business, strategic planning, and intuitive management and incorporating those using eight ancient sciences and astrology.     

Anita has done a lot of different work from being a Bloomingdale’s fashion designer to working on marketing teams behind the scenes.  She uses her business strategy and experience combined with her knowledge and passion of astrology.  

Show Notes:

  • [02:20] Her dad owned many businesses and gave Anita the entrepreneurial spirit.  
  • [02:54] She came to what she is doing now by combining her marketing background and love for ancient sciences and astrology.    
  • [05:50] Everything has a negative and a positive charge, so you can choose to use the energy positively.  
  • [07:08] Throughout our childhood we are told that we don’t know our gifts, so we lose our knowing. You can get back to what you loved to do as a child.  
  • [08:27]  Everyone has a personal inclination that is a gift they have chosen that they can share with the world.  
  • [10:54] Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are all in Capricorn. Capricorn rules business, big banking, and a need to restructure things.  
  • [11:36] We are not looking at things holistically.  
  • [12:25] Astrologically we have this restriction happening at the same time as an awakening to what we are going to need to do to help people.  
  • [12:49] There will be a transformation happening over the next couple of years with the way we look at health.  
  • [14:10] Astrology is the art of perfect timing. 
  • [15:34] A lot of people are going to start making unexpected decisions that they have been putting off for a long time.  
  • [15:58] You can start by looking at your sun sign and then your ascendant sign together.  
  • [16:56] Watch what is happening with the moon.  Your body is affected by the moon.
  • [17:51] Watch for eclipses, because eclipses are turning point times.  
  • [19:17] You can have the life you want if you use your gifts and if you really want to help people.
  • [20:14] Research your sign. See what different astrologers say and see which ones ring true for you.  Anita recommends Susan Miller from Astrology Zone
  • [21:52] It is good to make sure your family is secure and you have cash coming in. 
  • [24:03] When the planets are in retrograde it is like a reset or a time out to take care of things. 
  • [25:41] When Venus is in retrograde you want to review your relationships and take a look at what you are doing with your money. 
  • [26:25] Look at where your money is, what you owe, where you are making money, and future opportunities.

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Jul 2, 2020

On today’s episode, we have a very new way to make money and be in business with a special international guest.  Breanna Sponcey was a winner in our Virtual Meetup and Marketplace and is joining me on the show today to share about her business successes.  

Breanna Sponcey grew up in Fallon, Nebraska.  She started cleaning houses at the age of nine and had her own landscaping business in high school.  She was never comfortable working for someone else, so after high school, she moved to Reno and started her own make-up business.  She did the make-up for models, photoshoots, and weddings and that led to doing theater make-up where she was head of the department on Broadway.  She had an awesome opportunity to move to Costa Rica.  Before moving she joined a network marketing business to have something to fall back on.  After a year of building that business, they were able to buy a bar that they turned into a successful nightclub and then later added their own delivery and advertising business.    

Breanna’s goal was to create three successful businesses by the age of thirty.  She shares her business experience and how she reached this goal months before her thirtieth birthday.  Breanna shares her experience creating her brick and mortar and direct sales businesses.  She also shares the key steps and techniques that have led to her entrepreneurial success.  

Show Notes:

  • [01:29] Breanna started working around the age of nine cleaning houses.  
  • [02:32] She joined a network marketing business before moving to Costa Rica to have something to fall back on since she had no idea what their plans were when they arrived.   
  • [02:46] After a year of building that business, they were able to buy a bar that they turned into a successful nightclub.  
  • [02:57] Her goal was to own three successful businesses before she was thirty and she was able to hit that goal one month prior to her thirtieth birthday.   
  • [03:24]  She is always looking for the next best thing and never wants to miss an opportunity because of a lack of knowledge or skills.  
  • [03:56] Yes moments are when you have no idea what you are doing, but you very quickly go figure it out. 
  • [04:26] Breanna won third place in the Virtual Meetup and Marketplace event. 
  • [05:03]  Breanna started watching all Loral’s videos on Facebook and knew that she needed to join the event.  Aside from all the knowledge and the money she made, the network she created was the best part.  
  • [06:03] Her goal was to add team members to her MLM team and her entry item was a raffle ticket for a VIP experience at the nightclub. 
  • [06:46] Each month in her direct sales business, she has different offers including drawings for bigger products.
  • [07:42] There are many different ways to make money.  
  • [07:55] Breanna shares about finding and building their nightclub. 
  • [09:07] They were looking for businesses they could buy.  It was tough at first and after many red flags, they finally found a bar to buy.   
  • [10:12] They outgrew their first space and started building a new space.  
  • [10:57] They purchased their space with money they had saved prior to moving and money they earned with the multi-level marketing business so they didn’t need to take a loan.  
  • [11:27] Their nightclub was completely shut down on March 16th and they don’t have plans to reopen until November based on Costa Rica’s rules for nightclubs.  
  • [13:18] The pandemic has opened a few doors that no one would have considered if not forced to pivot in this way in these times.  
  • [14:24] The biggest lesson for Breanna is to always have a support system.    
  • [14:34] It is all about doing the work, making the mistakes, taking risks to find out what works, and surrounding yourself with people that are where you want to be.  
  • [16:16] She chose her MLM because she had been using the products since she was eighteen years old, so it was a natural choice.  
  • [16:44] After working really hard for one year it became a passive income stream for them. 
  • [18:01] Her strong team has been a crucial part of her success in her direct sales business.  She provides resources and support to anyone that wants to join their team and create a business.
  • [18:21] It is the same with any business, we have to make changes constantly.
  • [18:40] You have to follow the trends that are working, drop the ones that are not, and find the next ones.
  • [19:08] Breanna’s number one tip is to get involved with a team that is already led in the way you want to be a leader.     

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Jun 25, 2020

Why are we talking about health on a money podcast?  You have to have health and wealth both and we are going to lean towards what Dr. Stacey is doing in this time of COVID-19 to change her business model and still come out on top financially making money.   

Dr. Stacey Cooper is a holistic health and wellness authority, inspirational speaker, and educator. She is the founder of Lifestyle Balance Solutions, International best-selling author of What’s Self-Love Got To Do With It?, creator of the Healthy Eating Blueprint™ and the Balanced Living Academy™, and the author of the Healthy Fuels Cookbook™. Dr. Stacey's practice was founded in 1912 by her Great-Grandfather and she is a fourth-generation practitioner with clinical experience which spans over 23 years. Her newest book, "Heal Your Health Naturally" will launch on May 11 in Toronto, with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame and has also been endorsed by Bob Proctor.

In this episode, we start out talking about how to create a healthy lifestyle.  Then we transition to discussing how Dr. Stacey has added an online portion to her business to better serve many patients during the pandemic.  Dr. Stacey shares her experience creating her online business and being a winner in the Virtual Meetup and Marketplace.  She also shares some beginning steps for moving your business online.  

Show Notes:

  • [02:04] Dr. Stacey is a fourth-generation doctor chiropractic.  Her grandfather started their practice in 1912.  She has been practicing for over 23 years in a brick and mortar business.  
  • [02:43] It is her mission to share with the world how they can heal their health naturally.  
  • [04:28] She teaches how you can swap out the bad fuels and put whole natural foods into your body and this changes the outcome.  
  • [05:04] It is not a diet.  It is a lifestyle.  
  • [05:52]  This is the first generation of children that will not outlive their parents simply due to obesity and the diabetic epidemic.  
  • [07:25] Sleep is a critical component.  
  • [08:44] Dr. Stacey won the Virtual Meetup and Marketplace twice in April and May. 
  • [09:45] Dr. Stacey created Lifestyle Balance Solutions so she could share her knowledge and answer questions for many more clients online.  
  • [09:58] Not having multiple sources of income would really have put her in a very difficult situation.  
  • [10:37] Health is the number one commodity that you can not put a price tag on. Boosting your immune system naturally is essential to maintaining your health and being productive. 
  • [12:16] The monthly Virtual Meetup and Marketplace teaches you how to go online and make money.  
  • [13:03] With 1-to-1 office visits there were only so many people Dr. Stacey could reach because there is only so much time in the day.  Taking her business online made the population seemingly endless.  
  • [13:25] Start with what you are already doing multiple times a day.  She offered a one-page free guide when they joined her email list.  
  • [13:55] You can communicate with your email list, provide great content and value to them, and you can make an offer to them down the road.  
  • [14:35] Once a person is on her email list she sends emails to nurture them and then she invites them to her free web class.  
  • [16:14] When you have a knowledgeable team you can get online very quickly.  Working with a mentor is absolutely the key.
  • [18:57] Dr. Stacey has another book in the works, she is also in the process of creating her week-long retreat and continuing her online business.  
  • [19:56] In this day and age you need to have multiple sources of income.    

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Jun 11, 2020

In the marketplace awareness series, we are talking about what is going on in the economy and how to make money.  We have conversations about making money, keeping money, and investing money.  Today I have an extraordinary gentleman on the podcast.  Jim Blasko is with me today and we are talking about digital currency and the market.

Jim Blasko is the co-founder, station developer, and program director for Bitcoin Talk Radio.  They bring all the bitcoin content to one location for easy access.  They include podcasts, price updates, latest news updates, and music. Jim is also the CEO of Aspire and CTO for Talent Joe.  Aspire is a revolutionary smart contract platform designed to allow users to easily create their own digital assets under a faster and more secure environment. Talent Joe is an online social platform that brings talent together with celebrities, stars, industry professionals, and fans into one central location to form a powerful community. Jim currently resides in Las Vegas.  

In this episode, we talk about bitcoin and digital currency including the fast-approaching future of digital currency.  Jim shares his experiences, some good and some bad, with bitcoin.  We talk about the first steps for getting started, ways to protect yourself from scams, and Jim’s successes and upcoming projects.  

Show Notes:

  • [01:43] Jim has a radio station called Bitcoin Talk Radio. Bitcoin Talk Radio is 24/7 streaming, it has been around since 2014, and it’s the first bitcoin fully licensed radio station.  
  • [03:01] You have to do your research and really look into all these different platforms, programs, and cryptocurrencies.  
  • [03:57] The stock market took a big hit with COVID-19, but bitcoin has recovered to where it was prior to the pandemic.  It took a price dip at first, but it has come back faster than most things have.  
  • [04:58] Bitcoin is more of a way of life and there are going to be ups and downs in this way of life.   Bitcoin has a great long-term future. 
  • [06:23]  J.P. Morgan decided they are now going to work with bitcoin. Those who didn’t like it are starting to warm up.  
  • [08:31] The first key is to have a wallet.  
  • [09:55] If you don’t hold your keys, you’re not holding your money. Not your keys, not your bitcoin. 
  • [10:32] Coin Base is a centralized place similar to a bank.  It is very convenient, but the problem is that you are not holding your own money.  
  • [11:41] These exchanges sometimes get hacked. 
  • [13:23] Jim recommends two devices.  One to hold you main stash of bitcoins and one that holds what you want to carry around with you.  
  • [13:47] There are going to be scams in anything that is popular.  You have to be very careful.  
  • [14:34] Do your research.  Look into these projects including who is behind the projects, research the names, and do online background checks.  Look for the guys who have made other projects that were successful. 
  • [15:54] There used to be a lot more exchanges in the United States.  There is less now, because of the regulations.   
  • [16:24] Bittrex is an exchange that has been around for quite a while and it is U.S. regulated.  They have a lot of alternative cryptocurrencies instead of just having the main ones.  
  • [18:31] A token is something that runs on somebody else’s platform. 
  • [18:44] Aspire is a platform that Jim has been working on for three years. Aspire is a platform that lies over the top of a blockchain that they built. They have another software over the top of that which allows people to create their own coin.  
  • [20:14] Jim doesn’t recommend or trust cryptocurrencies that back gold. Jim prefers to own his gold physically and have his cryptocurrency.  
  • [21:07] Bitcoin is not backed by gold.  It is backed by the people that use it.  
  • [21:22] Hal Finney, an amazing computer scientist, created blockchain technology.  He built it before bitcoin was a thing.   
  • [22:08] Blockchain technology is a viewable history of all transactions that ever happened on the network. 
  • [23:52] You can’t pass diseases with digital money.  You can’t get sick from cryptocurrency.  
  • [24:35] Most likely we are going to see a stable coin that has a set price.  At some point, they are going to force everyone to convert from paper money to digital money.    
  • [25:22] In 15-20 years or less paper money will be gone.    
  • [27:07] Bitcoin is borderless.  It doesn’t have any boundaries when traveling to other countries. You can carry your bitcoin with you anywhere in the world.   
  • [28:29] Talent Joe will allow people to create their own cryptocurrencies or tokens.  
  • [30:44] Big things are coming from Talent Joe in the next 6-8 months. 
  • [31:02] Talent Joe is the killer app for Aspire.  Aspire is a great technology and Talent Joe is going to put it to use. 
  • [31:31] Cryptocurrency is here.  It is borderless, your own money, and nobody can take it away from you.  It has been one of the best investments for Jim.   
  • [34:12] Jim shares about reopenings and changes coming in Las Vegas during these times.  

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Jun 4, 2020

The pandemic is no secret now.  Regardless of how each of us feels about it, it happened.  Problems happened with it, especially for the millionaires.  For each of you listening today, if you are a millionaire or your goal is to become a millionaire you have to pay close attention to today’s call.  At the end of 2019, there will be 11 million American millionaires according to a new study published by Spectrum Group.  

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, the world’s 500 richest people have lost over a trillion dollars since the start of this year.  This is over 20% of their net worth.  It didn’t just affect the poor and the middle class, it hit everyone.  Some can just stick it out longer than others.  If you are listening today as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or maybe you are just getting started kicking around an idea there is no better time to get started than right now.   

Have you been sidetracked by the pandemic?  It is time to get back on track and make the most of our current situation.  In this episode, I am on call with Chad McCall.  We talk about how you need to reset and take action now to grow your wealth.  We share practical steps you can take to get started now and make the most of the current transfer of wealth.  

Show Notes:

  • [01:22] The pandemic didn’t just affect the poor and the middle class, it hit everyone.
  • [01:29] If you are listening today as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or maybe you are just getting started kicking around an idea there is no better time to get started than right now.
  • [04:02] Finally, the message of being an entrepreneur is more relevant and more timely than it has ever been. 
  • [04:30] March 17th was the biggest stock market crash since 1929.  
  • [06:10]  Loral helps people overcome doubt by helping them actually make money.  
  • [07:08] It is not about your mindset.  It is that you don’t ask for money.  If you don’t ask you won’t receive it.  
  • [08:12] What are you going to start doing now and stop doing? The more successful people need to stop a lot of noise.  
  • [08:49] You have a perfect time to reset your overhead, your team, your travel, and offerings.  
  • [10:01] Loral is helping people collaborate, create new divisions, and create new partnerships. 
  • [11:56] This might be that perfect time for those advanced investors to lock in on a business that needs them and they can step into and use their expertise to grow the business.  
  • [14:12] There has never been a time in the history of our lives where it is so indiscriminate for anybody to buy.  
  • [16:33] May is the time where many states are going to open and there are going to be many opportunities. 
  • [17:21] Start getting a plan and your cash together and figure out who you want to be on the other side of this.  
  • [19:01] The serious people who want to do something, this is their time.  Right now is the time to grow and expand.  
  • [22:50] Get other peoples’ ideas, thoughts, and opinions.  Gather that information from a financially literate perspective and you make your own decision.  
  • [23:04] Many wealthy people have and rely on their teams.  You need a team to walk through this with.  
  • [25:16] Chad believes there will be a surge of women entrepreneurs over the next two years. 
  • [27:54] If you have a gift and a talent and you are sitting on your rear doing nothing, you are the most selfish human on this planet because you are not suiting up and helping other people.  
  • [28:47] Get beyond your selfishness and ask yourself, “What do I need to be doing to help my community come back alive?” Be a creator in your community instead of a taker. 
  • [31:36] Loral’s is a Harry Potter, Florida-Georgia Line, and Zach Brown fan. 
  • [32:29] Loral sold her horse Trudy to get her first truck when she lived in Nebraska.  

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May 28, 2020

The world will witness the greatest transfer of wealth possibly EVER SEEN during the next 10-12 months, and you need to be ready to take advantage. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world there are so many ways you can enter into the market.  

In this follow-up episode, I am answering all your questions about buying businesses and moving forward in the next few months.  I talk about the benefits of buying now.  I also talk about what to access before buying and thinking creatively when restarting to expand and grow. I talk about many different types of businesses including hair salons, daycares, auto detailers, art galleries, and more.   

Right now you need some creativity in the current market to restart, expand, and grow.  I share many different types of ideas for restarting your current business or a new business.  Creativity is the key! 

Show Notes:

  • [00:54] It would be beneficial to buy in now with hair salons because you would be buying in at a low rate and you could be a part of bringing it back up.  
  • [03:05] Loral shares about a VIP experience that they created to bring in cash flow for a hair salon.  
  • [04:31] Managing and holding on to the credit card and contracting the cash on a twelve-month contract is a great way to manage and contract cash flow. This can be done with many types of business including daycares and auto detailers.  
  • [05:24] Hemp farms can be a great investment if you have a buyer.  
  • [07:10]  If you get motivated you can really get creative about creating a revenue stream.  
  • [07:54] You do need to be geo targeted or at least understand the pattern of the traffic. Is it seasonal? 
  • [09:34] She likes to see a variety of kinds of income which can recession-proof you.  
  • [10:59] My goal is to get your mind churning and give you an initial script to go and look around your community and start walking in or getting online and talking to the owner.  
  • [11:44] One creative way to get people involved in your business is to take them on a virtual tour or have an online event especially if you are an art gallery or similar business.    
  • [13:38] The biggest missing piece is lower-end ticket items that are missing to just get people interested.  
  • [13:58] You do want to look at your competition.  Loral suggests and walks clients through using SWAT charts.    
  • [14:39] If you come in and take over a business do you want to clean house or maintain the same employees?
  • [15:32] Will there be an ownership change or can you just add a new division and just take over that? You would need an LLC with the new division.  
  • [18:22] If you are in the Millionaire Training group that is where you are going to get your most prized content, bonuses, and offers.  
  • [19:29] Get your head up and think, talk, and make money the way the wealthy do.  
  • [19:35] Your homework is to go look around your community and see what is available to buy and bring any questions back to the Millionaire Training group.  
  • [20:07] Is there a target industry that may hold a sweet spot for consumers?
  • [21:42] People are looking at how they are going to spend differently.  
  • [22:51] If you have good expertise and a good team on your side you can buy things and not have to pay a dime.   

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May 21, 2020

We want to keep you focused on what is important and not go back to old bad behaviors of ignoring money.  Today we are going to talk a lot about what you do when you make money.  Most people need money rules and to decide where you want to put your money.  

This episode is called “The Most Indiscriminate Crash.”  The reason it is indiscriminate is that it is not age-sensitive. The world will witness the greatest transfer of wealth possibly EVER SEEN during the next 10-12 months, and you need to be ready to take advantage. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world there are so many ways you can enter into the market.  

I talk about how to decide what type of business you want to buy, questions you need to ask to evaluate a business, and how to approach the current owner. Real estate has for sale signs and the MLS, but that is not true with businesses.  You have to approach the current owner and I talk about how to do this and exactly what to say.  

Show Notes:

  • [00:50] What have you been doing that is new around your money plans?
  • [02:05] Making money is not a one-time event.  It needs to become a daily behavior. 
  • [03:33] March 17th was the largest crash since 1929 that we have ever seen in the stock market.  
  • [04:15] The decisions now are how much more money can you make and where do you want to put it.  
  • [05:23] May is going to be one of the riskiest months to make these money decisions.  
  • [07:24] We are going to talk about the break-even points of a business opening.  
  • [09:05] Who do you want to be in all this? Who do you want to be on the other side of this?
  • [11:08] Everything is on sale and it is going to get more and more on sale.    
  • [11:32] Loral shares a list of questions that are critical to ask if you are deciding whether to buy a company or not. 
  • [13:38] Think about the types of businesses that are going to have the cash flow you want.  
  • [15:45] Her #1 negotiating conversation is “Yes is going to be the answer so now let’s talk about how it’s going to work.”  
  • [17:02] Without the real estate, I wouldn’t become a tenant.  I want to be a tenant in my own place.  
  • [17:32] Not knowing how to do it is never the consideration.  You will hire people to do it that actually know what they are doing and you will find the money if the deal is right. 
  • [19:34] Does the current owner want to sell the business?
  • [21:12] You want to be thinking about how does the money flow. 
  • [22:06] Real estate has for sale signs and the MLS, but that is not true with businesses.  
  • [24:03] The lawyers you need to be using are business lawyers that have actually owned and operated entrepreneurial businesses. 
  • [24:29] Loral shares more evaluation questions when looking to buy a business.  
  • [27:12] It is really important to look at the business database. 
  • [28:19] You can get a lot of new runway with an endorsed database.
  • [30:56] A big question is how many customers does the business serve on a regular basis and what has the decline been because of COVID. 

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May 14, 2020

There will be an upcoming shift in the real estate market you can take advantage of. In this episode, we talk about real estate, self-directed IRAs, and the current market. I have my wonderful friend Ron Legrand with me for this episode. Ron is a dear friend, mentor, and has taught me a ton about this business. Not only is he the best I know in real estate, but he has a consistent and constant following. Even though he is humble and doesn’t brag about it he has made more millionaires and has helped countless families thrive in real estate. 

We talk about real estate and how you can sell or buy using terms to create residual monthly income. Even though we are living in uncertain times people still need a place to live. We also talk about self-direct and Roth IRA’s and how they can benefit you financially. You don’t want to miss it! 

Show Notes:

  • [02:35] Ron has bought and sold over 3,000 houses. 
  • [03:01] Ron’s specialty is buying and selling in terms. In other words, we get the seller to sell it with terms so we can offer it to our buyers with terms and those are the folks that can not qualify at a bank. 
  • [04:20] There are three kinds of terms. You lease it with an option to buy from the seller, or the seller deeds it to you and you start making their payments or buy it with owner financing.  
  • [05:02] Most of the ones Ron buys are on a wrap-around mortgage because the seller has a debt. He buys it with owner financing. 
  • [05:46] Some people will sell you a house with nothing down if you use the right script.  
  • [06:28] Ron is able to help buyers with a lower deposit and less than perfect credit.
  • [07:07] He is able to create a residual monthly income that keeps on coming in for years. 
  • [07:40] Ron gets all these advantages for owning real estate. He wants growth, tax reduction, and wealth all in one deal. 
  • [08:39] He uses free apps and websites to help him find the homes he wants to buy including Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Ads. He also uses door hangers and flyers to get the word out about properties he is selling. 
  • [10:20] How would you use self-directed IRAs? 
  • [10:36] Self-directed IRAs can buy real estate just like we do. They are better suited for the cash, rehab, or wholesale deals that do not come with debt. 
  • [11:53] A Roth is the only IRA one needs because it is tax-free. Doing business tax-free is always better. 
  • [14:41] There are self-directed IRA companies that only focus on these specific IRA’s. 
  • [15:45] You can’t deal with anyone in your linear descent including your spouse’s group or you are self-dealing. Self-dealing can wipe out your IRA and cause penalties. 
  • [16:12] In these current times, Ron has found that business is better than it was. Buyers have a different mindset, they are way easier to deal with and they are abundant with money to put up. 
  • [17:38] Why are current times so different than 2008, 2009, and 2010?
  • [18:28] Many of Ron’s colleagues are finding the real estate market easier right now. 
  • [18:50] Ron has a free 3-day summit coming up on May 5th-7th.
  • [20:08] During the summit they actually do deals while you watch. 
  • [20:56] Loral is speaking at the summit about how to buy businesses. 
  • [21:08] Ron’s free summit is a 3-day event. The event runs from 11 AM EST - 6:30 PM EST on days 1 and 2. The event wraps up at 5:00 PM EST on day 3. 
  • [22:34] Ron has been doing live events for a long time and will continue doing them once we get passed all this.  

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Apr 3, 2020

Dr. Dung Trinh is here again to talk about something that is on everybody's mind, the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak. Some of you may remember Dr. Trinh from previous shows where he talked about clinical studies on cannabis and his medical missionary non-profit and his work around the world and in Vietnam. Dr. Trinh is a physician in Orange County. He immigrated to the US as a child and has never stopped learning or giving back. 

I’m happy to have him here today to answer questions about coronavirus or COVID -19 in this highly fluid situation. He shares what it actually is and what the main symptoms usually are. We also talk about theories about the spread, and he shares statistics from previous flu outbreaks which might be useful in trying to gauge the scale of this pandemic. We also talk about the stock market a bit. Everything is changing rapidly and all of the information we share is for educational purposes. 

You can find Dr. Dung Trinh here:

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Show Notes:

  • [01:33] Dr. Trinh is a physician in Orange County. He also has a nonprofit called TongueOut. He takes doctors, students, and volunteers around the world to do medical missionary type work. 
  • [01:52] Last year, they were in Vietnam twice and Haiti, Peru, and Oaxaca Mexico.
  • [02:11] He was supposed to be in Vietnam this month, but the coronavirus threw a wrench in his plans. 
  • [03:16] SARs and MERs were both a coronavirus. So is the common cold. COVID-19 usually lives in wild animals like bats and rats. It must have mutated to live in human hosts. 
  • [05:03] There is an 85% correlation between coronavirus DNA in humans and bats. The mutations are probably in that 15% difference that allows it to infect humans.
  • [05:34] The theory is that it came from a wild animal market in Wuhan. That's why people believe that it came from that market and mutated from bats.
  • [06:24] There is also a biological weapon theory from a research facility in Wuhan. These are all just theories, but there is a level 4 lab in Wuhan.
  • [07:34] Symptoms are similar to the flu. They include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The incubation period is from 2 days to 14 days.
  • [08:42] You don't know you have coronavirus until you start having symptoms. This is why it's so hard to contain.
  • [09:22] This is really hard to contain because of the 14-day incubation period.
  • [09:53] Viral pneumonia can be caused by the coronavirus.
  • [10:12] The flu virus has infected at least 30 something million Americans this year. Over a hundred thousand of those needed hospitalization. From that group there was up to 15 to 18 thousand deaths. People don't realize that the regular flu has killed that many people already.
  • [12:11] There isn't a lot of sore throat with the coronavirus, but it's not black and white.
  • [12:57] The death rate for the flu is one in 1,000. The death rate for coronavirus is much higher.
  • [14:03] Older patients and patients with chronic health conditions are at the most risk.
  • [15:17] It's spread by droplets from infected people and their hands. 
  • [16:52] The scary part is that it's more contagious and spreading at a faster rate than the flu.
  • [17:30] 80% affected only have a mild case and can be treated at home.
  • [18:04] The big deal is that 20% will need hospitalization and 5% will need to be in ICU. Hospital bed shortages are an issue. 
  • [20:41] The stock market is driven by fear. Dr. Trinh isn't optimistic for the short term if this breaks out in major cities.

Links and Resources:

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Episode 150: Giving Back and Discovering Opportunity in Vietnam With Dr. Trihn

Apr 2, 2020

We continue our discussion about things you need to know during these times of uncertainty and the COVID-19 outbreak. This is the third part of our discussion, and we are going to get some of your questions answered by our expert panel. We discuss some of the questions that are on everyone’s mind like how to prepare for situations like this. 

We talk about asking what you want and finding the courage to take action and better your results. This is a time to learn and reassess your plans. We hope that we can give you some food for thought for your future direction. It’s all about setting yourself up to thrive. We want you to get your expenses in order and develop a plan that works for you.

You can find our panel here:

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Show Notes:

  • [01:45] People are looking for what the best ways to prepare for something like this would be.
  • [02:48] If you have a self-directed account you can make very smart decisions using a tool like iFlip. 
  • [04:06] There are a variety of things you could do including looking at group real estate investments.
  • [04:48] As a landlord, you can look at creative payments and how to restructure so your tenant will be able to stay.
  • [07:15] Ask what you want and don't be paralyzed by fear.
  • [09:25] Think about who would be a better steward of your 401k you or your employer.
  • [10:00] If you work for a large corporation and have a 401k, there's really not anything you can do. The corporation or the plan decides where the money will go. 
  • [10:19] Self-employed people have more say about their money and things like self-directed accounts. 
  • [11:21] You can set up the accounts, so that they are ready when it's time to act. 
  • [12:22] At the end of the day, ask what do you want and who you want to be? 
  • [15:17] It's our job to help you think about what your options are.
  • [17:08] You can listen to Eric Wilner on The Real Estate show
  • [18:09] Intention is Eileen's word of the year.
  • [18:42] Don't Panic. Have courage, and it's a good time to get started.
  • [19:32] You can hear more in Millionaires in Training Facebook Group.
  • [21:16] It would be a disservice if we didn't extend this invitation to give and help you.

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Mar 5, 2020

Ron Couming is a Search Engine Optimization SEO expert and digital marketer. He specializes in optimizing websites so that when people search for a search term, related to a website, that website will show up near the top of the search results. He has over 20 years experience in the tech world. He started out in IT managed services then moved to web optimization and SEO. 

We start from the beginning and Ron shares what SEO is and why it matters. We talk about search terms and search engines like Google. He also explains what a backlink is and why it’s important. He also shares some optimization tips like creating a sitemap and submitting it to Google. We also talk about how to get reviews noticed in search results. This show is a great introduction for anyone interested in SEO. 

You can find Ron here:

Ron Couming on LinkedIn
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Show Notes:

  • [01:55] Ron started working in the tech world over 20 years ago. He used to work in managed services helping companies with their it.
  • [02:40] He started noticing that everything was going mobile. He thought the world of managed services and break and fix was on the way out.
  • [03:19] He made a switch to online marketing, social media, website optimization, email marketing, and funnels. Then he moved exclusively to SEO and online marketing.
  • [04:06] Affiliate marketing is when you promote other products or services and get a commission when people purchase them.
  • [06:07] Google owns YouTube. Pinterest and Amazon are also huge. Google has an algorithm made out of code. It takes a lot of things into a count to decide who to rank.
  • [07:20] Make sure your on-page SEO is done correctly. If the search engines don't know what your page is about they can't index you.
  • [08:17]  Make sure you have a sitemap and submit it to search engines. A website analysis will tell you everything that's deficient on your website.
  • [09:02] You could use the Yoast plugin to create a sitemap. It will create the sitemap for you, but you also have to submit it to the search engines.
  • [10:25] SEO is search engine optimization. It's the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can crawl it correctly and send you traffic.
  • [11:14] Websites linking back to your site is a vote of confidence for your site. These are called backlinks. You want quality backlinks that lead to a quality site.
  • [15:11] Appropriate SEO will help you attract many more customers and clients who are looking for your solution. Awareness creates opportunity.
  • [16:02] Organic SEO costs less, and you actually own it. Pay-per-click is like an auction. skip past ads and go to organic results. You want to be on the first page organically and in the top three results.
  • [18:30] The ads are at the beginning of the search results and it says ad before the ad.
  • [19:39] Have your testimonials posted on your site as a separate page and then submit each page to Google through analytics. If the person posts their testimonial on their site, they can link back to you and create a backlink. 
  • [23:14] Stick to the fundamentals and don't game the system. 
  • [24:55] Text Loral to (978)393-3545 to get Ron's video series. 
  • [25:39] Download the Ask Loral App.

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Feb 20, 2020

You get a two-for-one on this episode. In the first half of the show, I am talking to a business owner and Idaho investor named Rod Myers. Rod is the CEO of Invest Idaho which is an EB-5 Regional Center. If you aren’t familiar with the EB-5 program, it’s a program that allows foreign nationals along with their spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old to obtain visas or green cards by investing in businesses in the US. 

This is a government program that has requirements and regulations. These investments are accepted through EB-5 Regional Centers which have been approved by the USCIS. The for-profit enterprises that these foreign nationals invest in must create or retain a specified number of jobs. Rod breaks down the numbers and what a targeted employment area is. He also talks about legal and administrative fees. He shares the benefits of getting green card status for these families and how they might go about it. 

Then I pick up the second half of the show with Tim. Tim is an Idaho investor, and he talks about how things are booming in Idaho and why someone would want to live or invest there. He also shares a little bit about the beauty of Idaho and some of his best investment opportunities.  

You can find Rod or Tim here:

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Show Notes:

  • [01:08] Rod Myer knew some Idaho investors and ended up purchasing an EB-5 Regional Center from one of them. 
  • [02:00] USCIS does background checks on people who are organizing regional centers. Then you find qualified projects to sell overseas and deliver for investors.
  • [02:42] The EB-5 program has been around for several years. The real purpose behind it is to provide another option for foreign investors to come into the US and receive their green card. The green card is also good for any children under the age of 21.
  • [03:08] The real purpose is the green card. In some cases it may be investment and the green card.
  • [03:47] Rod and his team vet the project. Then they talk to brokers who work out overseas relationships. They have to be accredited investors with a net worth over $1,000,000. They also have to have an income of $200 to $300 thousand over the last couple of years.
  • [04:28] The investor looks at the project PPM and then the investment is a $900,000 investment or a$1.8 million investment. 
  • [04:50] To qualify for a TEA or targeted employment area, the project must be in an area where the unemployment rate is 150% of the national average. It's designed to help out areas that are struggling.
  • [05:21] The way unemployment rates are running in the US the 1.8 million investment seems more likely.
  • [07:02] Administrative fees can also range from $30,000 to $100,000. There are also legal fees between $15,000 and $30,000.
  • [08:09] We are currently working on a geothermal project and starting an organic farm.
  • [08:59] The investments are typically five to seven years. There is usually around a 1% return. 
  • [10:00] Having a green card allows people to come to the US as often as they like, and their children can attend school here. It's also a gateway to permanent residency.
  • [11:05] Every investor needs to create 10 full-time jobs. There is a calculation for this as part of the PPM.
  • [13:39] Tim is here to talk about Idaho investments. Boise is the fastest growing city in the country. Idaho's the fastest growing state in the country.
  • [13:46] People are coming from all over, and they have 36% growth.
  • [14:04] It's crazy to be in a demand market like this. There are people staying in hotels and RVs waiting for houses to come on the market.
  • [15:09] The big Exodus out of California is causing a lot of the growth in Idaho. A lot of businesses and industries are also coming into the state.
  • [15:41] They are getting at least 70,000 new jobs a year not counting the upcoming Amazon business.
  • [16:00] Median house prices are around $375,000. They have a huge green belt and parks that are really nice. Boise Downtown has a lot of culture.
  • [16:35] There are also beautiful mountains, lakes, and rivers. It's a great place for beauty and quality of life.
  • [17:08] They're working on some opportunity zone single family properties that would be good for EB-5 investors. As well as assisted care living investments.
  • [17:36] EB-5 would be great with any of the projects that they are working on. Tim's favorite projects are the multi-family units they are working on right now.
  • [18:37] They are also building a community for the 55 plus age group. This is a place where the residents can be a part of the community and be proud to live there. 

Links and Resources:

Invest Idaho
Rod Myer on LinkedIn

Feb 13, 2020

Jennifer Beale is a friend of mine and a powerful influencer in the Toronto business world. She is also a millionaire. Today, we are talking about things that can get in the way of women when it comes to business and ways to overcome these things. This also applies to men who want to help change the business trajectory of the women in their lives or their own business trajectory. Jennifer talks about how using our systems helped her become a millionaire, but not until she started to believe differently and think differently. 

She shares how having a morning routine and setting her intention on what she wants to complete allows her to accomplish more in only five hours of working. We also talk about the three things women need for a supercharged feminine space. Jennifer is an expert networker, and she shares how entrepreneurship isn’t a separate part of her life. She talks about how to get the most out of meetings and events by building a hub of people who support you and your business. 

You can find Jennifer here:

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Show Notes:

  • [00:55] Jennifer Beale is a powerful influencer in Toronto. She's a big connector in the Toronto market. She speaks to women in business and things that can get in their way. 
  • [01:23] Jennifer is going to talk about helping women be more empowered in their lives and business. 
  • [01:42] Jennifer became a millionaire using our systems. 
  • [02:07] Jennifer just surpassed the million mark. She didn't think this was possible. Loral was a huge help to her. It took Jennifer awhile to put everything into place, but she did. 
  • [03:00] Things changed for Jennifer when she saw people who wanted her to be successful. She started to believe differently and make different decisions. 
  • [04:27] Jennifer has always had a routine. She changed it after meeting Loral. She gets up at ten to six and makes her bed. Then she sets her mindset for the day. Everything is about completion. She eats well, goes to the gym, and takes really good care of herself. 
  • [05:20] She also has an afternoon ritual to get her energy back up. 
  • [05:37] She does what she wants in the evening. Then she has a bedtime ritual to unwind. 
  • [06:03] The three things women need for a supercharged feminine space. We must have serenity and harmony with the people in our lives. It's critical to find ways to become serene again. 
  • [07:06] We need things to fill us up. We need to have the energy to do the things we want to do. Do things that make us feel strong. We must be connected and have great people in our lives and a spiritual connection. We need to be serene, strong, and connected. 
  • [08:36] We need a money making machine. Jennifer's money making machine has a seven figure potential.
  • [09:12] Your business must serve you. You are not a slave to your business. We need to be master's of our business not slaves to our business.
  • [10:04] Focus on things that have the potential to make you the type of money you want to make. 
  • [10:55] It's important to be clear about what you want and what you want your life to look like. It's important to learn how to say no.
  • [11:56] Women experience fragmentation more than men. Defrag or find convergence in your life. Your calling and your social life can overlap. 
  • [12:46] Creativity is something inside Jennifer that needs to be satisfied. She gets creative in business. 
  • [13:35] Entrepreneurs have a life. Bring everything together to clear the clutter. 
  • [14:37] One integrated life clears things.
  • [15:05] Jennifer has been networking for 18 years. A hub is filled with people who support you and your business like your clients, partners and collaborators. People who care.
  • [17:42] Women must nurture each other and come together to help each other. 
  • [19:45] Jennifer goes to events to find people to go in her hub. She talks with people about who they are and what they want. When they tell her what they want, she tells them she can help them get it.
  • [22:04] Most people have ideas not deals.
  • [22:55] Jennifer has a process for deals. She's good at finding fire not smoke. She wants business now.  There has to be something tangible there.
  • [25:13] Learn what a great person is and go out and get as many of those in your life as possible. Build a community or hub of these people around you. 

Links and Resources:

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Feb 6, 2020

What do professional athletes do when they are done playing? Some become entrepreneurs, write books, or start a nonprofit organization or a training camp or clinic for youth or others. Some have the fame and fortune to do anything they want, but not all pro athletes leave their sport wealthy. Kandi Conda worked in PR, marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship when she noticed that many athletes had a gap when it came to playing pro sports and working afterwards. After owning a professional women’s basketball team and seeing the struggles some of the players had after they stopped playing, she knew she could help. 

Kandi started Life After Sports where she helps athletes with branding, PR, getting that book written, or with whatever she can help them with as a consultant. She is particularly proud of the Life After Sports app which features game schedules, snippets from pro athletes called Behind the Ball, and connects former athletes and businesses. We talk about sports, business, helping athletes, making money, and her upcoming Workshop Series. 

You can find Kandi here:

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Show Notes:

  • [02:14] In the 90s, Kandi did PR for a sports team. She has also written or ghostwritten 15 books. She also had a sports magazine called Super Fans. She was doing branding and PR for a women's basketball team.
  • [03:02] She helped them with an opportunity to become Chicago's first pro women's basketball team. Kandi ended up purchasing the team. 
  • [03:44] Kandi played soccer in the Air Force. 
  • [03:51] After purchasing the team, they did their first press conference at Michael Jordan's Restaurant.
  • [04:06] She owned the women's basketball team for about two-and-a-half years.
  • [04:31] Later on she reached out to the players and discovered that they needed help with financial PR and branding.
  • [05:01] She turned this into a business and helps former pro athletes and their relatives with writing books and branding. 
  • [05:31] They even had an NBA Mom's Panel. 
  • [05:52] They have an educational forum that features players and families. They help with camps and sell sponsorship. They have a unique business model. 
  • [07:15] Kandi's ideal client is someone who has finished their sports career and knows what they want to do, but needs help getting there.
  • [07:57] So many athletes have untapped talents and gifts. They don't all have to be financial planners or run a nonprofit camp or clinic. 
  • [10:18] Kandi makes money depending on what she does. It can range to writing, full on marketing, or consulting. 
  • [12:29] Kandi also has an app. 
  • [14:07] The app has all of the sports League schedules. It also has the Behind the Ball series which are snippets from pro athletes for student-athletes. There is also an area for athletes and businesses. 
  • [15:08] In 45 days, they are rolling out a Workshop Series. It will have workshops for athletes at all levels of all sports. Featuring everything from financial planning, legal, health, and more.
  • [15:28] They've been networking with NBA and NFL parent associations to find out what the athletes need. 
  • [16:16] Kandi can do everything in her business. The business won't close down if someone is replaced. 
  • [19:08] The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. 
  • [20:05] It's a great thing that they are coming to Vegas. Sports are the next viable evolution for the city. 

Links and Resources:

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Life After Sports on Instagram
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Jan 2, 2020

This is one of the best economies I've ever seen. I'm always working to help you maximize your earnings and investments. This episode is about one of the best asset classes you have. That is you, your entrepreneurial venture, and what you're doing to make your business really thrive. To help me do that today, my longtime friend Bill Walsh is here. Bill is an extraordinary marketer who builds big teams. He has a whole company and brand around Powerteams that he is an expert at building.

We talk about how 2020 is the year to make money. We also talk about the three most important things each business needs. We talk about leadership, vision, mission, goals, and sales. Bill touches on the importance of taking the time to build a real business plan that focuses on the mission of customers served. We also talk about the thing that kills most entrepreneurial ventures. It’s called busyville. We also talk about self-doubt. This episode will give you great advice and actionable steps to make your business thrive and not just survive.

You can find Bill here:

Ask Loral
Powerteam International
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Show Notes:

  • [01:20] Loral and Bill have known each other for at least 15 years. 
  • [02:53] After Bill left school, he became a trader. Then he worked on doing turnarounds where he would just fix businesses. 
  • [03:13] Fixing businesses was always like a game of chess. Did they have the right product, price, and team in place?
  • [03:35] They have been creating events to help entrepreneurs take their ideas from concept to cash generating business. 
  • [03:52] A leader needs to have a clear vision of where a business is going. 
  • [04:10] There needs to be a mission and a process. 
  • [04:31] Goals are really nothing more than a mile marker that moves you closer to the vision.
  • [04:40] Without a great leader, the business will fail. 
  • [05:07] You also have to make sure you have the money to sustain business and the ability to make sales and take credit cards.
  • [07:40] For a business to really thrive, an entrepreneur needs to learn how to delegate, so that they can focus on what is most important.
  • [08:12] Find mentors that have done it. If they haven't lived it, they don't know it. You need to be out in the field with people who build real businesses.
  • [08:37] The real zone is where the entrepreneur wakes up early and goes to bed late. Work 100 hours a week, so that you don't have to work 40.
  • [09:00] Have habits of learning. Hire a coach and transition from employee to entrepreneur. 
  • [09:45] Systems win and people fail. Have a product that's priced to sell and priced for profit. Have a form of lead generation. Without qualified leads you don't have anyone to sell to.
  • [10:24] Become a subject matter expert. You can have a book, website, social media presence, or podcast. Use a free special report for your lead generation special.
  • [10:31] You can make free audio to create a special report to get people to opt in with pure education. 
  • [11:24] Give away great content and let the buyer buy.
  • [11:45] You can use Instagram to get real followers through IGTV.
  • [12:02] You can use Linked Helper to go after executives on LinkedIn.
  • [12:28] You need real qualified leads that go through a mobile optin.
  • [13:00] You can edit video with InShot. Traffic will come when you serve customers.
  • [13:49] Don't be afraid to spend money on good printed material. Also learn how to speak.
  • [14:20] Success for entrepreneurs is being consistently persistent and not waiting for things to happen.
  • [14:54] You also have to make sure that you ask for the sale.
  • [16:08] Start with one tool at a time. Start with G Suite. You could use Design Pickle for graphic design.
  • [17:02] If you're not real tech savvy, find someone on Upwork to help you.
  • [18:45] Your assets can be used in multiple formats.
  • [20:21] Choose the social media platform where your customers live and distribute to the rest.
  • [21:36] Get a good business card and a good postcard and a good corporate brochure. Then follow through if the customer calls.
  • [22:41] Within 4 hours of your potential customers opt-in, they should get a newsletter and an educational five minute video.
  • [23:13] After a text opt-in, give them stuff for free.
  • [24:09] The less you try to force the sale, the easier it becomes.
  • [24:36] Follow up every 2 weeks indefinitely. 
  • [24:53] You always have to be accountable and have daily ratios. 

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Dec 13, 2019

Friend and Big Table member Joey is here to share an investment opportunity that he is involved with. Coro is an app and a platform that is making global money transactions faster, easier and cheaper. Joey is joined by David from Coro to talk about the new platform. We have talked about opportunities in crypto and blockchain and how blockchain is the technology behind the crypto currencies. David highlights some of the limitations of blockchain and how Coro has overcome these limitations. 

Bitcoin technology can be slow. The technology and the token are also connected. There is also a highly regulated environment that gets very complex when it comes to global transactions. Coro uses a faster more secure hashgraph consensus algorithm. Coro is also getting licensed in each country they are going to operate in, so they will be in compliance with all regulations. David shares his enthusiasm for this new platform and why it’s worth learning more about. 

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Show Notes:

  • [03:11] David is a professional investor. 
  • [04:24] Crypto has been around for about a decade now.
  • [05:02] David has a background in fintech. 
  • [05:53] Bitcoin is designed with a limited supply. There's even digital mining. There are some things that mimic gold. There's a physical barrier to real gold.
  • [06:54] There are now 40,000 other digital currencies. There is no limitation to creating other digital currencies. That's one flaw with cryptocurrency and the second one is speed. Digital transactions are slow.
  • [07:56] Bitcoin is two pieces of technology melded together. One is Bitcoin which represents the network and the other one is the token itself. You can't use the network without employing the token.
  • [10:08] Blockchain and crypto haven't evolved to a point where the potential can be realized.
  • [11:17] The fourth challenge that Bitcoin faces is the highly regulated environment.
  • [12:09] IBM and Linux created a blockchain system that doesn't require a token as part of it. You don't need a token to record money on a ledger. The ledger is the heart of the system.
  • [13:03] Most distributed ledger technologies are blockchain-based. There is also Directed Acyclic Graph or DAG which is really fast. 
  • [13:33] With DAG, there is no token necessary, it's super fast, and accurate. 
  • [13:47] Coro is a global money transition platform committed to making cross border transactions cheaper, faster and more secure. They use the hashgraph consensus algorithm.
  • [14:09] Coro is regulated in every country they operate in. 
  • [14:52] They see an opportunity set in resolving a couple of the bottlenecks in financial transactions by being able to send money in real time and sending without limits. 
  • [15:08] There are limitations to how much you can spend with mobile apps.
  • [15:58] David believes the next financial problem is on the horizon. Gold is a stable currency. Coro also allows transactions with gold using the most modern technology. 
  • [17:12] He thinks as financial instability increases that there will be a growing preference for consumers and commercial clients to transact in gold.
  • [18:00] The advantage of crypto is the technology, but you have to understand it.
  • [19:02] Money has to have three characteristics. One is value. It's a medium of exchange. There's a unit to count it.
  • [21:47] Coro rolls out in the US next year. It allows people to send money with confidence and convenience. 
  • [22:48] They also hope to introduce Coro to Venezuela.
  • [23:17] The bottlenecks for financial inclusion are regulations.
  • [23:40] Coro streamlines the compliance into the technology.
  • [24:01] Coro will provide financial services to smartphone users. The soft launch happens next year. Visit AskLoral to get involved.  

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Dec 5, 2019

What ancient health practice has been gaining recent popularity? If you guessed fasting, you are correct. Lindsay McCue is one of my clients and a health, food, and fasting expert. On today’s show, Lindsay is here to talk about fasting, the different types of fasting, and the surprising health benefits. She shares how different forms of intermittent fasting can be used to begin the fasting process and jump start healing. We also talk about autophagy, water fasting, fast mimicking, and more.  

Lindsay shares how giving our bodies a rest from food and digestion gives our bodies a chance to heal. A fasting state or state that mimics fasting can help clean our bodies from old cells and stored toxins and begin the healing process. Lindsay talks about how fasting can flip the switch on our health and help heal our guts and send stem cells to areas in need of regeneration. 

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Show Notes:

  • [01:20] Fasting is a powerful way to allow our bodies to heal. 
  • [02:02] Lindsay has always been interested in health and nutrition. She was in the army for a long time and being at her peak performance was very important. 
  • [03:01] Fasting is abstaining from food and drink for a certain amount of time. This allows our bodies to use what is stored. Fasting allows our bodies to tap into that innate ability to heal ourselves.
  • [03:58] Intermittent fasting is just not eating for a certain amount of time during the day. 
  • [05:04] The seven ways to fast include intermittent fasting. You can also do a 24, 36, or 48 hour fast. There's also a fast mimicking diet. Autophagy fasting, dry fasting, and water fasts for 3 to 5 days. 
  • [06:13] To activate autophagy the minimum is 13 hours while we are sleeping. This cleans house and stimulates human growth hormone.
  • [07:41] Intermittent fasting is a great way to get started, and then you can experiment with other types of fasts.
  • [08:08] Fasting stresses the body in a good way the same way that exercise does.
  • [08:30] The longer we fast over 24 hours, we secrete stem cells which can help repair our gut.
  • [09:20] Without health we don't get to enjoy our wealth.
  • [10:19] Gut permeability allows toxins to cause inflammation. Fasting is one of the fastest ways to decrease inflammation.
  • [12:32] Fasting forces calorie restriction in a way that you don't feel deprived. 
  • [14:12] The best time for women to be strict with eating is at the first two weeks of their cycle.
  • [15:01] Growing children need nutritious food and meals, but less sugary snacks. 
  • [16:13] Fasting resets our system and helps us to get in a more natural state with a natural desire for food. Fasting also helps us lose weight and tap into our innate ability to heal.
  • [16:49] Toxins get stored in our fat cells and are released when we fast. What helps is electrolytes and salt and water.
  • [17:29] A 3-day water fast is equivalent to flipping the switch. We can regulate our genetic expression to our lifestyle.
  • [20:57] Start with daily intermittent fasting. Live more whole food based. 
  • [22:14] You can do a 3 day water fast for a couple of times a year. What we eat is as important as when and as much as we eat.
  • [24:19] Become a fat burner through keto. Lower carbs and increase fat. 

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