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As an entrepreneur, small business or practice owner, or high-level executive, do you ever find yourself wondering if you’re using all the tax, entity and wealth strategies available to you or if your investments are truly producing all they could be? Happily, you don’t have to put up with that any longer. I have the solution. Real Money Talks! We're having the right conversation about money.
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Apr 27, 2018

My friend Anze Mofor is here to discuss the importance of attending a live event to help anchor your financial future. Then I discuss the 10 habits of Millionaires. Becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen by accident. There are certain things that millionaires do to help cultivate an environment that increases their wealth. I talk about these things along with how important it is to have the right knowledge, team, and a strategy to move your wealth forward. 

You can find Anze here: 

Ask Loral 
Anze Mofor 

Show Notes

  • [03:48] How it is preferable to learn how to make money as opposed to giving someone your time for money. 
  • [05:02] There is so much to learn about money. Laurel has been studying millionaire habits for over two decades. 
  • [05:47] The cannabis and crypto world is going to make the dot com look like the dot bomb. 
  • [06:44] Loral's team is very cohesive, and they all work together on your behalf. You will walk out with a money plan if you attend one of her events. 
  • [07:13] The money makeovers that they do are one of the most jaw-dropping things that they do. You will learn things that you didn't even know. 
  • [07:37] How Loral's workshops are so exciting that nobody wants to take a break. 
  • [09:22] At Loral's real estate events, her and her team will actually take you out and show you the projects. 
  • [09:42] How most people don't have a money plan but they need a money plan. 
  • [10:22] 50% of Loral's students get money back on their taxes. They know how to create a strategic plan. Once you have the plan, you have to work the plan. 
  • [10:41] They also teach about debt. Debt can be your best friend. Good debt can be used to raise capital. 
  • [12:34] Habits are just ingrained in you. Today, we are going to be talking about the 10 Habits of Millionaires and you can follow along with our PDF download. Our team will also follow up with you and do a mini money makeover.  
  • [13:41] Do you have someone in your world that you can call and ask any money question? That is why our community exists. 
  • [13:52] Millionaires have a team of people that they work with year over year, and they constantly add new people to the team. 
  • [14:14] 1. Our peer group is comprised of other successful wealthy people. Millionaires hang out with millionaires.  
  • [14:39] 2. We have many mentors annually. You move through mentors on a regular basis.You are the some of the people that you hang out with. 
  • [15:49] You have to have a team that understands all the nuances of taxes, entities, and so much more. 
  • [16:13] Cannabis and cryptocurrency are taking the world by storm. You can be a part of things, or you can sit on the sidelines. 
  • [17:25] In the next 5 to 10 years, digital currency is going to be how we exchange money. It's going to change and revolutionize exchange rates, banking systems, and everything. 
  • [17:35] It's the biggest disruptor since The Creature on Jekyll Island. 
  • [18:30] A mentor will save you taxes and increase your returns. The money you spend on a mentor is well spent. A mentor will also save you from extremely costly errors. 
  • [19:45] If you spend $22 a day with us for three years, you can become a millionaire.  
  • in 
  • [20:46] It's priceless to have a mentor help you avoid errors and speed up your money making timeline. 
  • [21:27] We don't spend a day wondering what we should do, we call someone and get their advice. 
  • [21:57] We also join masterminds and speak at other masterminds. 
  • [22:21] We'll stockpile or money in savings, we invest in double-digit returns. We do diversify it. 
  • [23:27] We have ninja tax strategists to understand how to live the corporate life. They help us strategize on how to move our money and keep our money. 
  • [24:16] We create strategic multiple streams of income. When there's a lot of money surging in one place, we actually separate that. 
  • [25:39] Companies make money, and individuals get taxes. We invest together. We operate as business owners. This makes our taxation and protection of assets different. 
  • [26:07] You have to have a legal and tax team around you to separate your finances in this way. Loral has spent 20 years finding the best team. 
  • [27:05] Lean and learn this conversation about money. 
  • [27:10] We get up and do what it takes to get the results without making any excuses. 
  • [27:41] We manage or transfer the risk. It's only risky if you don't have any knowledge. 
  • [30:44] We can help you by doing a quick little mini analysis makeover. 
  • [31:12] The biggest thing we'll handle for you is debt. We don't care if you have debt, we are going to teach you how to manage it and how to make money. 

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Apr 19, 2018

The cannabis industry is exploding right now. There are amazing opportunities out there if you find the right deal. My business partner Ben Hoskins is here today to talk about the ever changing cannabis industry and some of the opportunities that are out there right now. 

We talk about the different markets, supply and demand, and what states are the best to invest in right now. We also talk about regulations and licensing and why we already possess several of Nevada’s limited licenses. Cannabis and Crypto are going to be bigger than the dot com boom. It’s time to learn about these huge opportunities. 

You can find Ben here: 

Pisos on Facebook 
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Show Notes

  • [01:55]  The marijuana business is continuing to expand. Licences, regulations, and legalization is continuing to expand. The California market is booming. The Nevada Market is continuing to expand. 
  • [02:18]  There is continued progress toward legalization of medical marijuana on a global scale. 
  • [02:32] It's a lot of fun to be a part of this industry because of the amazing explosive growth. 
  • [03:01] The trend of prices dropping in Washington and Oregon. There is an ongoing increasing supply. Price is based on supply and demand. 
  • [03:42] You'll never make as much money in medical marijuana on a per pound bases as you will at the beginning of legalization. 
  • [03:52] Washington has low prices because they have large outdoor grow facilities. There is a shortage of indoor grown high-quality product. 
  • [04:32] There is still solid pricing with the ability to make a profit. 
  • [04:39] Prices plummet because there is so much margin, you go from a 10X margin down to 2X, and you are still making money. 
  • [05:36] Distribution is the key to making money with a great product. 
  • [05:49] You can't just grow marijuana and make money. You still have to be efficient and run a business. You have to sell and market too. 
  • [06:32] Where the real opportunity is at. California is the single largest market. We want to capitalize on that.  
  • [07:42] The nature of the business is completely changing and people are going to have to comply with the new regulations. 
  • [08:20] California chaos and the oversupply in California with product that is not up to regulations. There is a tremendous opportunity in California. 
  • [09:21] Currently, you can get licenses in the other legalized states, but you can't get a license in Nevada. They will probably open up other avenues at a later time. We capitalized upon that and already have our licenses for Nevada. 
  • [10:35] Nevada has protected against the collapse by limiting the amount of licenses. 
  • [10:51] We like the California and Nevada market, and we see the value of globalization.  
  • [11:19] Outside of California and Nevada, Michigan is probably the greatest market for cannabis right now. 
  • [12:34] The investing opportunities in cannabis. First, you want something with a legally compliant structure. Regulation D allows for private placement capital. I'm also excited about regulation A. 
  • [14:50] I want to find a deal that already has licenses ripe for zoning.  
  • [15:56] I like middle stage opportunities where the company has already identified the assets and the licensing and are in the building and developing phase. 
  • [16:14] There is also an upside to companies that are going public. 
  • [16:52] Partnering and going in with other people is a much better opportunity for people who don't have marijuana experience. 
  • [17:20] It's a big world out there and there are health issues in other markets. There are 35 countries around the world that have existing legalized marijuana licenses. 
  • [18:35] These countries want suppliers, they don't envision growing marijuana in their countries. 
  • [19:03] Eventually, companies like China and India will come around as well. 
  • [19:46] The most important thing is to be networking and finding out information, so you will be able to take advantage of these opportunities when they come. 
  • [20:45] You need to be ready to recognize a good deal when you see it and be able to take action on that deal. 
  • [21:27] How cannabis and crypto will make the dot com the dot bomb. 

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Apr 12, 2018

Peter Anthony Wynn the CEO and Founder of You Will Change the World a place that connects authors and speakers to a larger infrastructure sits down with me today to talk about having a money mindset. How doing the same thing as everyone else is not the way to free yourself and make truly life changing money.  

You need to think outside of the box, and be open to alternative investments and methods that make your money work for you. It’s not hard once you understand the system and have the right team in place. Find the right people and education to change your finances and your money mindset.  

You can find Peter here: 

Off Wall Street Assets Workshop
Ask Loral
You Will Change the World 

Show Notes 

  • [00:56] Peter Anthony Wynn is the CEO and founder of You Will Change the World. Where he connects authors and speakers and helps them connect to create a larger infrastructure.  
  • [01:21] As much as you want to give, you still have to give back to yourself.  
  • [02:49] How people really need to learn about money. They need an alignment of the team, so that together there is a plan.  
  • [03:52] People are confused when they come at money with a mindset of protect all I have when they should be compounding it and letting it grow. 
  • [04:02] How you becoming a millionaire isn't your accountant's priority. 
  • [04:42] How Loral is introducing people to the ecosystem of success. 
  • [06:09] What is heartbreaking is when people say they want help but they don't move. 
  • [06:29] It's about understanding that you have amazing potential and that you can do anything. 
  • [06:55] How Wall Street is the most unsafe investment if you look at it behind the scenes. 
  • [08:22] You are not going to become amazingly successful by staying broke. 
  • [08:46] Most people want to help somebody, but most people can't even help themselves. 
  • [10:54] Go out and figure it out. Understand how to manipulate your debt so that it is serving you. 
  • [11:37] Change your social circle to answer the biggest questions or you'll never grow. 
  • [13:05] How Loral is pulling back the curtain and sharing with the public the opportunities that are available to us today. 
  • [14:05] There are 81,000 pages of tax deductions. There are only a few things you can't deduct if you are truly living a corporate life. 
  • [14:56] When people have term insurance they have death insurance not life insurance. They are just wasting their money. 
  • [15:23] Everyone has a gift or a talent that they are not bringing to the world because they are scared or afraid that they might fail. 
  • [16:33] If you're going to change her life, you need a strategy. You are going to have to invest in more education. 
  • [18:20] Providing a product or service with amazing value to make money. People fail because they don't understand money or how to manage their resources.  
  • [20:00] You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. 
  • [21:43] The number one reason people don't succeed in business is because they don't know what business they are in. 
  • [22:16] You need to know how to market and get your great stuff out to the world. 
  • [24:04] How people need to get past the fear and go out and share their product. Leaders need to be decisive. If it perfectly fine to make mistakes.  
  • [25:50] If you can share a feeling and make it an experience, you will own that market. 
  • [28:55] Pre-sell your stuff, so you have the believe that it's worth it. 
  • [29:27] If people don't give you money, then don't move or design the webinar. 
  • [30:22] Loral shares a story about how she found a partner in the cannabis industry. They did a webinar and asked if there was interest in a workshop. Then they designed the workshop according to what the attendees wanted.  
  • [34:14] Becoming a millionaire isn't hard. There is just a system you have to follow. 
  • [35:32] After Loral's workshop, you will be so motivated that you will go out and find the money to make the investments in your portfolio. 

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Apr 5, 2018

Michelle Nedelec the founder and owner of Success Therapy and the author of Business Ownership Mindset is here to talk about fostering and developing a true entrepreneurial mindset.

Too many entrepreneurs start a business, but still have that employee mindset. We talk about the differences in mindsets for employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Running a business is not the same as buying a job. Michelle gives advice for removing yourself from your business and thinking like an owner instead of an employee. 

You can find Michelle here:

Ask Loral
Success Therapy

Show Notes

  • [01:28] Michelle's book is called the Business Ownership Mindset, because a business owner’s mindset needs to be completely different than an employee mindset. 
  • [02:20] How many entrepreneurs still do not have the business ownership mindset. 
  • [02:55] The first mistake a lot of people make is checking their email first thing hoping that a client has put in an order. They are looking for direction from someone else. Which is completely the wrong way to look at business. 
  • [04:04] How business owners need to be the ones running the show. They have to figure out what they want and then tell the team how to get it done. 
  • [04:10] It's a completely different way of looking at things and business owners and leaders have to be able to do that. 
  • [04:21] Michelle focuses on the concepts that need to be owned as an entrepreneur first and then a business owner. You have to have an entrepreneurial mindset first.  
  • [05:00] When you really understand how to take the focus of control internally and start directing what is going on in your business. 
  • [06:01] The success therapy process which helps people get to the root cause of why they do what they do. 
  • [06:15] The three ways we change our beliefs include reason, repetition, and emotional charge. 
  • [06:38] It doesn't take 21 days to form a new habit. The more emotionally involved you are the faster you will change. 
  • [06:57] Seeing how people who already have the millionaire mindset operate can help you develop that same mindset. 
  • [07:06] These people aren't afraid of what other people think of them. They're not afraid of making the tough choices and they have internal control. 
  • [07:34] If someone else is making you angry, then you are giving them control. Once you take control of things then you can do something about it. 
  • [09:04] When you have resistance towards something you are rejecting the part of you that could be good at that. 
  • [10:55] The line of knowing when to hire versus when you should be doing it yourself. If you have a lot of resistance towards something, you should probably learn how to do it. You can hire someone but understand what they're doing and how they do it. 
  • [12:01] If your company is running effectively without you in it, you have probably learned the business mindset. 
  • [13:02] Plan what you want your day to look like first thing in the morning. 
  • [14:00] Look at areas of your business that cause anxiety and decide what action you can take right now to improve that. 
  • [14:38] You can find business ownership mindset on Amazon. Michelle wrote the book by having an interview with a friend and transcribing it. She wanted to get it out of her head, because it was occupying mental space. 
  • [16:33] By getting your book out of you more content will come to you. 
  • [16:37] Michelle also wants to write a book about strategic building or how to think strategically. Too many entrepreneurs think tactically and don't have a overall big picture strategy. 
  • [17:16] She also wants to write about systematizing a business. 
  • [18:10] How important it is to design an organizational chart of your business without you in it. 

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